Bedeschi closes another deal for a floating terminal system

Over the years Bedeschi has been entrusted by many prestigious clients worldwide to help them overcome various marine infrastructural bottlenecks, both onshore and offshore. 

These clients have valued the innovativeness and capability of Bedeschi in understanding their exact requirements and in designing & implementing solutions, which are suited specifically to their projects’ requirements. The transhippers do have a distinct advantage over the shore terminals because they can be implemented without the need for dredging the seabed in order to enable the large vessels to come alongside. In addition, the floating terminals don’t have so high implementation costs as the shore terminals. Moreover, and most importantly, the implementation time of a new floating terminal is much shorter as compared to a shore terminal. The floating solutions are environmentally safe too.

Bedeschi will supply to an important Shipyard in Indonesia a new floating terminal with 2500 tph capacity of coal from two loaded barges to a big OGV up to Cape Size. The new floating terminal is planned to operate in the Far East.

The company will supply 2x receiving hoppers, 2x belt feeders, 1x belt conveyor system complete with transfer towers, 1x slewing and luffing shiploader equipped with a trimming chute and a full control system.

Bedeschi closed the deal thanks to the support of our new subsidiary Bedeschi Far East who was able to assist the client with its specific requirements. Bedeschi Far East has a strategic key-role in the support and assistance of the clients and it is constantly increasing in that area.

In the image below a Bedeschi floating terminal which is very similar to the new one the company will supply.

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