Taking container processing to the next level with ‘multiple handling’

Multiple container handling is the key to faster processing of containers in port terminals and the time saved contributes equipment savings on the quayside and benefits shipping lines by reducing pollution.

The BLOK System makes the handling of containers faster, safer and greener while enabling terminals to make increased returns while providing a safer working environment.. The BLOK System delivers a faster turn-around for container ships which can be deployed for ‘slow sailing’ saving fuel, emissions and cost.

BLOK Spreaders are autonomous spreader adaptors which convert single spreaders into a tandem able to lift two or four empty containers at a time using existing cranes. The BLOK Spreader reduces crane movements and can be lifted and put down in seconds for maximum flexibility.

The BLOK Rig automatically strips or feeds most SATs and FATs from or to all four container corner castings simultaneously and works on containers handled singly or in tandem (with two Rigs side by side).

BLOK Trailers enable these efficiency savings to be maintained in the yard moving 8 teu of containers in one load.

As terminals strive towards reduced emissions operations the BLOK System provides a zero emissions product range which provides double digit efficiency gains.

For industry insight and all the latest information and videos about BLOK Container Systems please check out our BLOG. For the latest on our products and the logic behind them please look at the PRODUCTS page on our website.

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