Cimbria is a global leading company in the field of conveying, drying, processing, sorting and storage hi-tech solutions for grains, seeds, food and bulk products. Cimbria designs, manufactures and services custom-built installations, from stand-alone machines to large turnkey plants. Our broad experience ensures our clients a targeted advice and a range of solutions, to grow the business together.


The Cimbria product range covers all branches where dry bulk products are handled, with a cutting-edge approach as port terminal solutions provider. The loading and unloading equipment ensure high capacity and reliability for quick handling and short pier-time. The strong focus on a healthy working environment, wide-ranging flexibility and customer satisfaction has given Cimbria its current position of world leadership.

Conveying: The Cimbria conveying equipment handles a wide variety of bulk materials, ranging from agricultural products to industrial commodities and raw materials. Cimbria manufactures belt, screw and chain conveyors, elevators and loading chutes, which can be installed in heavy duty environments, like ship loading, stockpiling and warehousing, ensuring top performance, long term durability and high capacities.

Drying: The Cimbria product range includes tailored solutions for effective and continuous flow drying of various seeds and grains. The Cimbria dryers are built to handle all free-flowing crops, with only a few setup adjustments when changing product. Our extensive knowledge, combined with our commitment for the environment, allow us to offer a fully controlled homogeneous and economical drying process.

Storage: A crucial step when it comes to the quantity and quality of the final output, as many crops are lost during storage due to the uncontrolled development of heat and moisture. Cimbria has a broad experience in designing the appropriate storage solution with flat, square and round steel silos. Aeration and cooling systems, supported by Cimbria temperature monitoring system, eliminate the risk of losses and damage to the product during storage.

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