Customised motor grabs, rope grabs in all sizes and executions for every kind of handling material and dredging operations. Repair service for all grab brands.

Rope Grab:

A rope grab works by means of a pull of the rope over a pulley (closing ropes are reeved in several times in the grab rope pulleys). Hereby is a distinction between single-line, double-rope or four-rope grabs (depending on the numbers of closing and holding ropes existing at the crane).

Motor Grab:

A motor grab has got its own drive unit consisting of a motor, a pump and hydraulic control elements. The power supply comes from the crane via an electrical power feeding cable. The grab only has to be connected with the crane hook and the electrical power feeding and then it is ready for operation.

Hydraulic Grab:

A hydraulic grab does not have an own drive unit, the power comes direct from the hydraulic machine or via the hydraulic crane via the hydraulic hoses.