NEUERO follows the MADE IN GERMANY quality tradition. Now with more than 100 years of tradition in the manufacture of reliable and high-quality conveyor systems worldwide.

NEUERO is the specialist for pneumatic ship unloaders and mechanical ship loader. With more than 5000 planned facilities in more than 80 countries NEUEROs goal is to offer the best ship loaders and -unloaders in the world to make it easier for our customers to work on ports and to ensure the supply of goods worldwide.

NEUEROs Key Advantages:

Low weight The pneumatic conveying of NEUERO requires relatively little steel to carry the material and thus less weight. As a result, fewer tires can be used, resulting in leaner foundations and thus lower costs at the quayside.

Low cost The slim design results in low acquisition costs.

Easy handling With NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders, the residual cleaning in the hull of the ship becomes easy. Easy replacement of spare parts is possible. NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders can be flexibly used for different ship sizes.

Dust-free Thanks to NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders, nearly dust-free work is possible with hardly any grain fracture.

High efficiency Due to the efficient residual cleaning and continuous unloading, NEUERO’s pneumatic conveyors have a high unloading power.