Expanded Penghu Cruise Wharf Now Open & New International Passenger Terminal Open in 2026

Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) recently completed work on a major public-funded extension to Wharf No. 1 in Penghu Port’s Magong District in the Penghu Archipelago. 

To mark its opening, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today (April 25th) cohosted by senior representatives from the project’s major stakeholders, including MOTC Minister Kwo-tsai Wang, Penghu Magistrate Kuang-fu Chen, National Legislators Chih-chieh Hsu and Yao Yang, TIPC Chairman Hsien-yi Lee, and Maritime and Port Bureau (MPB) Director-General Hsieh-lung Yeh.

Penghu Archipelago in the Taiwan Strait is a key link in Taiwan’s 10-year (2021-2030) Comprehensive Plan for Blue Highway Development approved by the Executive Yuan. As part of overall public efforts to enhance economic opportunities in the country’s offshore islands, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has invested NT$2.5 billion over the past several years to improve and build new passenger service facilities at Penghu Port, critical to effectively promoting Penghu as an international cruise ship destination for in-depth tourism. Work to augment and extend Pier No. 1 was completed in April at a total cost of NT$829 million. The new 380m-long Pier (increased from 190m) has a maintained water depth of -10m (increased from -6m) and can now handle large international cruise ships up to 150,000 GT (up from 50,000 GT).

Wharf extension

To handle the planned-for growth in cruise passenger traffic, an all-new passenger terminal, complete with state-of-the-art reception and passenger processing facilities, will be constructed on land immediately adjacent to Pier No. 1. The groundbreaking ceremony for this NT$631 million project was also held today. Its completion in the 2nd quarter of 2026 will significantly improve the waiting, clearance, and entertainment / shopping facilities available to passengers visiting the archipelago.

Reflecting bullish confidence in cruise and ferry tourism trends, TIPC Executive Vice President Chin-jung Wang detailed to ceremony guests his company’s bright vision for Penghu Port infrastructure development and plans to attract new business investment. TIPC Chairman Lee amplified the sentiment, remarking that “TIPC’s efforts have always worked to benefit our ports as well as local economic development and growth. With Penghu Port’s Magong District serving as gateway both to the archipelago and to inter-island travel and tourism, TIPC will continue strengthening port infrastructures and facilities to improve passenger and cargo service capabilities as well as service quality. We are transforming Penghu’s image as a travel and water recreation destination and streamlining the port’s overall operational environment.”

CGI mockup of the future passenger terminal

MOTC Minister Wang noted that its location gives the archipelago unique opportunities with regard to developing cultural and water tourism opportunities. Penghu is an ideal stop on international cruise “island-hopping” itineraries as well as a new destination ripe with potential for attracting domestic and international vacationers. To continue improving the visitor service experience and promoting tourism development on Penghu, the national government, the minister said, will continue to fund and supervise key ongoing TIPC and MPB projects, including Penghu Port’s new international passenger terminal, ferry docking facilities at Pier No. 3, and a new passenger terminal in the port’s Longmen-Jianshan District, as well as promote development of a new inter-island ferry terminal at Pier No. 8. The overall goal is to transform Penghu into a model port for island-hopping cruise ship calls and a strong draw for inbound domestic and international tourism. With its wealth of maritime and cultural charms, Penghu is an attractive destination for vacationers and water activity operators, offering new opportunities for tourism and local economic growth. 

Opening ceremony for Magong Port Wharf No. 1

Breaking ground on the new passenger terminal

Provided by Construction Management and Engineering Dept., Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC

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