Improvements and Upgrades at Kaohsiung’s Container Terminals Step Up Competitiveness

Port of Kaohsiung’s 7th  Container Terminal, which commenced commercial operations in May 2023, is expected to ultimately increase annual container handling capacity at the port by 6.5 million TEU.

Building on this momentum, TIPC has now shifted its focus to the upgrade of Port of Kaohsiung’s 3rd and 5th Container Terminals and adjacent container yard areas to further enhance port competitiveness and realize sustainable growth goals.

With shipping companies commissioning increasingly larger container ships, streamlining hub and feeder port operations, and raising overall shipping capabilities, existing port infrastructures around the world, from wharf water depths and support facilities to navigation channels, are increasingly inadequate for industry needs.

Image 1.

Image 1.

Locations of improvement / upgrade project work at Port of Kaohsiung’s 3rd and 5th Container Terminals

Thus, beyond constructing the new 7th Container Terminal, TIPC has allocated an additional budget of NT$4.469 billion to improve and upgrade infrastructures at the port’s 3rd and 5th Container Terminals, which, once completed, will significantly increase the handling capacity and operational efficiencies at these two terminals.

At 3rd Container Terminal’s Wharf No. 70, the water depth will be lowered from -13.5m to -15.2m, and 100 feet of new gantry crane track along with new dockside handling equipment will be installed.

Image 2.

Wharf No. 70, 3rd Container Terminal, Port of Kaohsiung

At 5th Container Terminal’s Wharf Nos. 77~79, the water depth will be lowered from -14.5m to -17.0, and 120 feet of new gantry crane track along with new dockside handling equipment will be installed, which, once completed, will efficiently handle container ships up to 24,000TEU capacity. Furthermore, in line with ongoing green-port commitments, new onshore power and water supply systems are being installed to move TIPC ports even closer to international zero-carbon ideals and goals. Project work at the 3rd and 5th Container Terminals, which began on February 21st of this year, is scheduled to end by summer 2027.

Image 3.

Wharf Nos. 77-79, 5th Container Terminal, Port of Kaohsiung

To prevent project work from affecting normal port operations, the project will be implemented in several phases. Also, TIPC will jointly invest with shipping companies in 5th Container Terminal improvement work, with TIPC handling wharf improvements and companies upgrading container yard facilities. Once completed, companies may invest in and install state-of-the-art container handling equipment and shipside gantry cranes to handle the world’s largest-class container carriers. In addition, the deepening of water depths in and around these terminals will improve safe access to modern container ships, increase the advantage to shipping operators, and raise port operating efficiencies. This and other ongoing efforts are increasing shipping company incentives to use Port of Kaohsiung as a base of operations, including for their largest container carriers; fueling Port of Kaohsiung’s overall international competitiveness; and adding to the momentum of the global green-port movement.

Provided by Construction Management and Engineering Dept., Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC

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