Yuguang Lays the Foundation for Tainan’s Newest Seaside Fun and Recreation Destination

Yuguang Island within the perimeter of Anping Port is home to a beautiful yellow sand beach just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tainan City.

Its “getaway” setting, abundant nature, verdant windbreak forests, and gorgeous sunset views have made the island an increasingly popular destination for both outdoor exercise and slow-travel enthusiasts. After three years of planning, the joint TIPC - Tainan City Government “Project to Incorporate Yuguang Island into Tainan City Urban Planning” was formalized and enacted in 2022. Under this project, future development of the island is to center on the new tourism & water recreation district, with public and private sector operators creating low-carbon, sustainable, and fun island experiences for visitors.

To enhance the services available to locals and tourists, TIPC is planning and installing the island’s basic infrastructure and, in cooperation with relevant city government agencies, has been discussing and tweaking development plans and strategies for recruiting businesses to the island’s Grand Crescent Bay area. An invitation to bid was finally announced in February 2024, with winning bids confirmed on March 29th and all contracts subsequently signed. A total of NT$150 million has been budgeted to construct a visitors’ center, “fun safari” area, and sunset viewing boardwalk at Grand Crescent Bay. When opened in 2026, these, together with the island’s other natural, recreational, and leisure attractions as well as planned “extreme” water fun experiences, will establish an exciting new image for Grand Crescent Bay.

Business lease on Yuguang Island Beach (Great Crescent Bay) signed in March 2024

To address the bay’s future emergency response and traffic needs, TIPC is currently in planning discussions with Tainan City’s Public Works Bureau regarding the construction of two new access roads on, respectively, the northern and southern ends of the island. The project, budgeted at NT$26 million, will be contracted by TIPC with an expected completion date during the second quarter of 2025. In addition, TIPC is proceeding apace with critical supporting infrastructure projects, including parking lots, washrooms, public toilets, and sewerage lines, all of which should be completed by the first quarter of next year (2025) at a total cost of NT$170 million.

A new gateway landmark will also be created and installed at the entrance to Grand Crescent Bay on Yuguang Island. Once completed an estimated current cost of around NT$90 million, this landmark will capture the unique flavor of Tainan’s Sankunshen District by weaving together cultural, artistic, and historical elements distinct to this area.

CGI mockup of future Great Crescent Bay, including visitors’ center, “fun safari” area, and sunset viewing boardwalk

Thus, over the coming two years, TIPC will be investing nearly NT$300 million in basic infrastructure and visitor-related facility development projects in and around Yuguang Island’s Great Crescent Bay. These, in conjunction with new facilities funded and built by private sector investors, will both give the bay an entirely new and alluring look and give Tainan City residents and visitors a new, high quality spotlight destination for leisure and recreation.

In line with Yuguang Island’s tourism zoning designation, land on the island will continue to be developed in several further stages to support the needs of water recreation, seaside fun, slow travel, and beach recreation / experience service providers. Anticipating the future growth in traffic to and from the island, TIPC is working on mid- and long-term expansion projects to Yuguang Bridge that, in line with Tainan City planning needs, will widen the bridge from its current two lanes to four lanes at a cost of NT$150 million. Concurrent improvements to roadways on the island will be also be done at an estimated cost of NT$480 million. Looking ahead, TIPC expects to ultimately invest around NT$630 million to make the basic infrastructure improvements necessary to transform the island into a singular spotlight destination for coastal, low-carbon, sustainable, LOHAS fun.

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