Taylor Announces Electric Vehicle Innovation

Powered by the Best-in-Class Battery Technology by Proterra

Louisville, Mississippi - Taylor Machine Works, Inc. has always been at the forefront of innovation and problem solving throughout its 94 years of manufacturing. As a result of the ever-changing manufacturing environment and the influence of electric vehicle technology, Taylor felt an immense responsibility to design and manufacture zero-emission material handling equipment that would integrate seamlessly into the existing customer workflow. In 2019, Taylor first accomplished this by engineering the ZLC Series designed to load and unload shipping containers weighing up to 75,000 pounds in port environments. The battery-electric ZLC Series met the stringent zero-emissions standard without interrupting the demanding processing sequence required by the world’s busiest ports. Utilizing state-of-the-art electric motors and environmentally responsible battery packs, the ZLC Series plug-in battery electric vehicle was equipped with enough energy to smoothly transition from combustion engines to reliable electric power.

Now Taylor is venturing into a new relationship with Proterra Inc, the leading innovator in commercial vehicle electrification technology. Taylor will power the next-generation Taylor ZLC Series electric container handler with 904 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy and the ZH Series electric forklift with 225 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy using Proterra’s industry-leading battery technology. These all-electric container handlers and forklifts will support various heavy-duty applications, including container handling in port environments and other heavy-material handling industrial settings such as warehouses, plants, worksites, mine sites, steel yards, lumber yards, and others. Taylor expects to deliver the first Proterra powered Taylor vehicle to customers in 2022. Taylor and Proterra will also be working together to help ports and other customers electrify their heavy-duty, material handling machinery by delivering charging and infrastructure solutions.

Proterra is a leader in the design and manufacturing of zero-emission EV technology solutions for commercial applications. Proterra battery technology leverages industry-leading energy density and a customizable design to fit within various Taylor industrial material handling and container handling products. Taylor believes this new relationship with Proterra will be the most important next step for the Taylor product line.

“We are excited to continue the high standards of manufacturing material handling equipment with the battery-electric Gen 2-ZLC Series container handlers powered by Proterra,” commented Hal Nowell, Director of Sales for Taylor Machine Works, Inc. Matt Hiller, Director of Engineering added, “Electrification of mobile material handling equipment is an exciting and challenging effort but is also developing very quickly. Taylor is readying our customers for the new choices they have in the ways energy is used in their businesses. Taylor has always provided our customers with stable and forward-thinking technology and this continues in the EV space with our strategic Proterra partnership. Proterra offers the experience needed to stay ahead of the curve and add to the solid support which Taylor customers demand.”

Robert Taylor Sr., President and Chief Operating Officer of The Taylor Group of Companies, stated, “This new relationship with Proterra, who like Taylor is an American manufacture, is truly a milestone in Taylor manufacturing history. Our commitment to the electric market for material handling and container handling equipment will be a strategic engineering collaboration between Taylor and Proterra. We believe that Proterra’s vision for EV battery technology and their commitment to zero-emission standards align with the Taylor vision.”

“Electrifying heavy-duty equipment is a win-win for our ports and our communities. It means protecting our health and the air we breathe at the same time we meet the needs of the world’s busiest ports and other industrial settings with new technologies,” said Gareth Joyce, President of Proterra Powered & Energy. “We are excited to partner with a trusted, industry-leader like Taylor and deliver our proven EV technology to power the next generation of material handling machines.”

Our customers can depend on Taylor “Big Red” equipment. Our heavy-duty material handling and container handling equipment is more versatile, more efficient, and more able to tackle the demands of tomorrow. Our past growth is an inspiration for our future, and Taylor will continue to build with our watchwords Faith, Vision, and Work