Lead Consultant Department of Waste-to-Energy & Carbon Capture, Ramboll

Haoxin Xu holds a Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and has studied in Sweden and USA. With more than 6 years of research experience in the field of thermal energy engineering, Haoxin specializes in thermodynamic analysis and heat transfer modelling of energy systems. She has a particular interest in Waste-to-Energy and Carbon Capture projects with respect to plant design and project development. Haoxin has published several research articles in the journals of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Applied Energy, Waste Management and Solar Energy, and received more than 480 citations up till today.

Haoxin joined our Waste-to-Energy and Carbon Capture team in Singapore in Oct 2019 and has since then been involved in several WTE and Carbon Capture projects in various geographies including Southeast Asia, Europe, and South Africa. She is a specialist in Technical Due Diligence and also has experience in feasibility study, waste assessment, tender specification and procurement strategy. She primarily serves as project manager of Ramboll’s technical advisory teams, leading the pre-contract sales, project setup, task management and client delivery. Further, she contributes to the technical assessment as a specialist in waste assessment, process modeling and direct air capture technologies.