Chief Sustainability Officer, MPA

Er. Tham Wai Wah is the Senior Director and Chief Engineer for Engineering & Project Management Division and concurrently holds the appointment of Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) in the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

As the Senior Director / Chief Engineer, Er. Tham leads the overall strategy & development planning, engineering and execution of all construction related projects within MPA. He is also the Superintending Officer overseeing the development of the Next Generation Tuas Mega Port.

As the CSO, Er. Tham spearheaded the initiative to formulate the Singapore Maritime Decarbonisation Blueprint, to drive the reduction of GHG emissions to meet the IMO targets for international shipping and Singapore’s emission set targets. As part of this framework, he formulated the adoption strategy of low and zero carbon fuels, encouraged pilot trials and fostered the development of industry collaborations across the value chain and ecosystem in the maritime sector.