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The Baltic Ports Organization is a regional port organization that inspires and supports its members while actively cooperating with relevant partners. BPO was established on October 10, 1991 in Copenhagen, with the aim of facilitating cooperation between ports and monitoring and improving shipping opportunities in the Baltic Sea region.

Development has progressed very rapidly over recent years and at present BPO has entered a new, challenging and exciting phase. Currently, the organization has over 50 members representing the most significant ports and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region. BPO is well recognized in the BSR, EU bodies and other European regions.

The organization’s mission is to contribute to the economic, social and environmentally sustainable development of the maritime transport and port industry in the Baltic Sea region, thereby strengthening its global competitiveness. Currently, one of the most important targets is active involvement in climate, environmental and sustainable development issues. Another aim of BPO is also to educate and increase awareness on ESG topics.