Supporting Association

Cruise Europe has more than 140 members within Northern and Atlantic Europe. Our 4 regions –Norway, Iceland & the Faroes, The Baltic, UK & Ireland and Europe’s West Coast offer a diversity of experiences. White nights in the north, hot sunny days in the south. Exciting architecture as well as exciting art. Museums where the guest can get an insight into all aspects of Europe’s history, traditions, handicrafts and present day life. Nature in Europe is everything from pristine meadows to busy beaches, great coast lines, walks in birch woods or cypress groves and well-kept golf courses - each with its own characteristic. All regions give the guest an opportunity to feel the beat of the European cities, shop for the unique design of that special area and savour the national food and drink of the countries where the ships dock.

The Cruise Europe website will give you a good general overview and a deeper insight into all the possibilities and temptations of Cruise Europe’s unique destinations. Our Port Handbook is a taylormade tool for itinerary planning, where all our member ports are presented in a uniform way.