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  • Portugal has announced carbon neutrality by 2050 and has 25 specific objectives for transport. Credit: 123rf

    Reality check on climate timeline


    COMMENT: Last year, we saw so many stories about the lost opportunities for real leadership in politics, energy and climate change, that many will have missed the flurry of activity in extra time, writes Charles Haine.

  • Allowing public access to private port property can set a precedent. Credit: hootie2710

    Problems with public port access


    COMMENT: This issue, I’d like to tackle a social aspect in the interaction between port and neighbourhood, writes Charles Haine.

  • Ports have a responsibility to reduce their plastic waste. Credit:  Kamchai Charoenpongchai, 123rf

    Walk the talk on plastic use


    COMMENT: The progress of various contraptions traversing the oceans to clean up the plastic swamp in the Pacific has been met with much fanfare, but also derision, writes Charles Haine.

  • According to the Biological Security Strategy, diseases can spread insecurity, harm trade and increase migration Photo: qimono/Pixabay/CC0 Creative Commons

    Stopping ‘invasions’ at sea borders


    COMMENT: A deadly flu epidemic is one of the worst civil emergencies the UK could face, potentially resulting in untold deaths and costing tens of billions of pounds, writes Charles Haine.

  • : Industrial plants within the port environs add to carbon calculations. Credit: Liu Fuyu, 123rf

    The CO2 barometer


    COMMENT: If you’re an executive at a port or harbour authority, or an operator or manager of a wharf or inland terminal, do you know the carbon – or more technically, annual greenhouse gas (GHG) – emissions by your facility, asks Charles Haine.

  • Vancouver integrated recreational space into its New Brighton Park Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project. Credit: Port of Vancouver

    Bring the public to the port party


    COMMENT: At the AIVP Global Port-City Conference in Québec in June, video interviews with locals and schoolchildren about their perceptions of ports revealed that they knew little of what goes on in them. Many sought better access, some wanted to go swimming in the port, while forward-thinkers spoke of future ...

  • There's no escape for ports from environmental scrutiny. Credit: Photomat, Pixabay, CC0

    Blurred stakeholder lines no excuse


    COMMENT: ‘Ports and biodiversity’ – an oxymoron, or a concept that needs to be embraced properly by our maritime community, asks Charles Haine.

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    A role to play in societal transformation


    COMMENT: Let’s face it, who doesn’t get a frisson of excitement upon seeing a container stack when visiting the waterfront in a new city, asks Charles Haine.

  • The next wave of tech could overhaul current green thinking at ports

    Supporting clean tech in ports


    COMMENT: The constant ripples of discord emanating from Brexit negotiations or the White House can leave us wallowing in negativity, writes Charles Haine

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    Need for affordable innovation


    COMMENT: While reading that the life expectancy of a Fortune 100 company is now 15 years (and declining) and that we might be approaching “peak stuff” (i.e. people are buying less) in the West, I got worried about the future role of ports, writes Charles Haine.

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    Clock ticking on port emissions


    COMMENT: It won’t have escaped your notice that your diesel car is now worth up to 26% less than when you last totted-up your net worth, writes Charles Haine.