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  • Making his mark: Governor Andrew Cuomo wants his legacy to include infrastructure. Credit: Diana Robinson

    Dancing to a different tune


    COMMENT: Ports need to be making soothing noises, not just loud noises, about their importance, writes Barry Parker.

  • Hashtag: increasing social media awareness can bring benefits

    Great social etiquette


    COMMENT: Ports are getting #social, and that’s a #good thing. While some maritime folks (including at least one New Yorker that I know) are proud to be Luddites, the eyeballs of the general population are increasingly online., writes Barry Parker.

  • Futuristic: port and ship designers need to get together. Credit: Rolls-Royce plc

    Getting back in sync


    COMMENT: In the past, I’ve sounded off about the port side of the business being out of sync with the carrier side: vessels are, frankly, way too big for terminals, writes Barry Parker.

  • Boom: US East Coast ports benefitted from the West Coast problems. Credit: alh1

    Call for creative and connected thinking


    COMMENT: Ports have a tangible impact on economic vibrancy, or lack thereof. If there are any doubts about this, consider the cold water thrown upon us by the recent reports coming out of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, saying that US economic growth suffered to the tune of ...

  • Measure up: with shipyards churning out ever-bigger ships, ports need to step up to the plate. Credit: Sarah Tzinieris

    Time for an Optimal Size Index?


    COMMENT: As this issue goes to press, the Maritime Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will be meeting in London, writes Barry Parker.

  • Togetherness: work needs to be done on the interface between ports and carriers. Credit: Bari Bookout

    Carriers disconnect needs serious thought


    COMMENT: What will the world of containerships look like in 2020? Or 2025? If you take the pronouncements of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as gospel most of the big liners will have consolidated, and there will be one super-duper high-tech salt mine to handle all the vagaries of back office ...

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    Cruise not so detached from cargo


    COMMENT: The cold weather here in New York of late drove me down to Florida for some warmth, where I was fortunate enough to attend a conference on the cruise busines, writes Barry Parker.

  • Look out: Obama needs to find supporters for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. Credit: LBJ Foundation

    Joining the US infrastructure dots


    COMMENT: Sometimes policy disconnects need to be highlighted. At one extreme, the US West Coast docks have been near paralysed by an emerging infrastructure collapse, with the widely publicised labour difficulties bringing ports to their knees, writes Barry Parker.

  • Future: New York is a year away from the issues dogging the West Coast. Credit: Allan Harris

    The tail wagging the dog


    COMMENT: The vessel design and ports businesses should run on parallel paths, but they do not; instead, they are on divergent tracks, writes Barry Parker.

  • Talking point: PR offensive needed for Bayonne Bridge works. Credit: Artemesia V

    Shout about the benefits


    As the year winds down, I am reflecting on a rather large missed opportunity. New York''s radio stations, and their TV counterparts, have been quite diligent in announcing a weekend closure of the Bayonne Bridge for construction and closures during weekdays - all part of the “Raise the Roadway” project.

  • News

    Changing financing course


    COMMENT: Before the financial crash in 2008, port finance got very sexy - a spate of deals done circa 2006-2007 saw all manner of ''privatisations'' where port operators sold their crown jewels to investment funds for vast sums, and leased them back, writes Barry Parker.

  • Multi-faced: Marad has acknowledged there is no single bunkering option that will work for all port stakeholders

    Joining the LNG fuel train


    COMMENT: LNG propulsion for vessels large and small is probably the biggest shipping ‘story’ of 2014 - the trade press and conference circuit are bubbling over with news of new projects, writes Barry Parker.

  • Uplifting: residents need to look beyond the inconveniences of the Bayonne Bridge raising works to everyday life. Credit: Matt Green

    Lifting local spirits


    COMMENT: The traffic reports on New York area drive-time radio have revealed that the Bayonne Bridge will be seeing closures on weekends and during overnight hours, as work continues on the ''Raise the Roadway'' project, writes Barry Parker.

  • Round about: container guru Ron Widdows questions the industry's 'chasing of its tail'

    Questioning port funding attractiveness


    COMMENT: One of the most sobering presentations at this year’s Marine Money conference, always held in the hottest days of June, was given by container shipping man Ron Widdows, writes Barry Parker.

  • Outreach: the arrival of Port Newark's cranes marks a turning point for cargo handling

    Cargo is still king


    COMMENT: Across the Hudson from downtown New York, the big news in May was the arrival of three huge cranes from ZPMC at the Port Newark Container Terminal, writes Barry Parker.

  • Delivery point: Albany has long been associated with crude oil derivatives. Credit: Andy Arthur

    Come out fighting


    The commodities websites and energy blogs have been buzzing with the rumblings that Albany, about a hundred miles north of New York harbour on the Hudson River, is under consideration by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a delivery point for futures contracts in ''light'' crude oil.

  • Gas goal: PANYNJ should seriously consider switching their fuel of choice on dock. Credit - PGE Green Energy

    Channelling the gas flow


    A spate of recent conferences has brought New York’s shipping community to life, in spite of cold weather.

  • New York's snow hasn't frozen port relations. Credit: Jo Christian Oterhals

    Cold snap, warm will in NY


    In New York, the conversations have all about bad weather: cargoes of road salt not arriving, straddle carriers slipping around at Port Elizabeth, trucks sliding around the Brooklyn docks, and tankers punching through ice as they move up to Albany to load Bakken crude.

  • The US port sector got a 'C' grade in the ASCE annual report

    Disappointment of US report card


    The US infrastructure is in the news again, although not in a good way. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has issued its report card and the States gets a ''D+'' overall - basically a failing grade with some sugarcoating on it.

  • President Obama is calling for increased infrastrucutre spending. Photo: Center for American Progress Action Fund

    Cashing in on US distraction


    Sandwiched in-between the big fiascos in Washington, DC - which culminated in a government shutdown - President Obama, visiting New Orleans, called for increased infrastructure spending.