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    Wisdom of defending the indefensible


    COMMENT: Without doubt there are certain public sector operated port organisations that work very eff ectively. There is probably no fi ner example than the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) which has established itself as an industry leader at various key levels. A testament to this is that it has ...

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    Monopolies and Common Sense


    COMMENT: The situation in Montevideo, Uruguay is interesting and is one that is a regular issue raised elsewhere, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Fundamental port sector change


    COMMENT: How many times has it been said? Will it hurt to say it again? OK then, lets just ‘put it out there’ – COVID-19 continues to test us all, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Cyber Security: The Road to Resilience


    COMMENT: The International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) and the World Bank have brought to our attention that many digital developments in the ports sector have been designed and deployed without even considering cyber security, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Sustainability finds core financial dimensions


    COMMENT: President Biden said at the recent Leaders’ Summit on Climate that we are in a “decisive decade” for tackling climate change, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Terminal operators: shoulders to the wheel…


    COMMENT: It’s unusual that the supply side of the container sector is under pressure – that container availability and shipping capacity is stretched and when available invariably only at a high price, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Calling the shots under COVID-19


    COMMENT: At this juncture, it would have been excellent to look at COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Breaking with convention


    COMMENT: This is the era of breaking with convention. Look at the incumbent sitting in the White House defying the law of gravity! writes Mike Mundy.

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    Bangladesh Port boom to prove instructive


    COMMENT: Bangladesh is the largest least developed country (LDC), according to the United Nations, in terms of population and economic size but even with the restraining influence of COVID-19 it is expected to graduate from this status by the mid-2020s, writes Mike Mundy.

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    It’s not ‘dobbing-in,’ it’s ok!


    COMMENT: The so-called ‘rule of six’ in the UK is a COVID-19 regulation that restricts social gatherings to a maximum of six people. If the regulation is breached then the offending party can be fined up to GB£3200.00 (US$4095.00), writes Mike Mundy.

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    “Something to reflect on…”


    COMMENT: “Autonomy”, officially defined as “the right or condition of self-government” is today a widespread feature of port operations around the globe, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Wake-up call for national port planning


    COMMENT: National port planning is a subject that has to be taken more seriously. Of course, many parties do take it serious but equally it is apparent that there are many that do not, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Looking to the future


    COMMENT: Under current lockdown rules – for those of us that are under them – the future has a limited horizon, basically centring on the end of lockdown. Getting to see friends and family, socialising – basic things that are now seen for their true value, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Beyond the COVID bubble…


    COMMENT: A range of thoughts and views are offered in this edition about the global ports industry in the post Covid-19 era, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Second quarter: no let up yet


    COMMENT: The second big hit is now manifest – falling demand in Europe, the US and elsewhere, writes Mike Mundy.

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    A decade defined by maturity


    COMMENT: There will be more emphasis on unleashing the powers of the digital world, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Political appointees - past their sell by date


    COMMENT: Is there any real benefit in having a political appointee sitting at the top of a port authority? It is a system that has been around for years but in today’s world is such a system past its sell by date, asks Mike Mundy.

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    Brexit: changing the logistics landscape


    COMMENT: As PS goes to press us citizens of the UK await the end of the latest chapter in the saga of Brexit, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Change must be justified


    As recent events in Douala, Cameroon have demonstrated, we are now in the era of concession renewals and there is not always a guarantee of continuity for existing incumbents, writes Mike Mundy.

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    Time to get real on forecasts


    Assessing the earnings potential of port investments is more difficult than many other types of infrastructure where there are more stable or guaranteed levels of demand, writes Mike Mundy