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  • Harbour Masters in "The Chain"

    Chain reaction


    Today’s busy lifestyles mean that we are always on the run – whether it’s from one country to another, one meeting to another, or, in the case of ships, from one port to another.

  • Port Strategy: Oil from the Deepwater Horizon explosion could hamper us ports

    An oily mess


    As I write this column, we are one month on from the devastating Deepwater Horizon explosion and the inevitable ecological disaster is still to be fully realised.

  • The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull has brought the sea back into the spotlight. Photo: B Walendzinski

    A watery rebirth


    As I write this column, the UK is just emerging from yet another day of airspace troubles; the result of Iceland’s hard-to-pronounce volcano slewing thousands of tonnes of ash into the skies.

  • Spoke

    A spoke in the wheel


    It''s easy to get caught up in the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mindset working in the shipping industry.

  • PLant food

    Plant food


    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the events taking place in the liner industry today; once that solitary green shoot had been spied the woes of the past year suddenly seemed a distant memory. Recession? What recession?

  • Recession

    The strategist


    In the first Strategist column of the year, I''d like to start with some simple suggestions for future port operations success.

  • News

    Between a rock and a hard place


    In the last issue of the year, it is traditional to reflect on the year gone by. However, I''m afraid I can see little worth in reliving the mess that was 2009.

  • Viewpoint

    Private concerns


    Much is written about the ''pioneering'' nature of the UK port model. Indeed, a fully privatised model was a thing of envy in the late 1990s when ports around the world were getting to grips with the benefits privatisation could bring.

  • Plane

    Fly by night


    More and more, moving a container from A to B is becoming like flying with a low cost budget airline. You book your ticket, you pay the fare only to find that it doesn''t really cover everything you expected it to.

  • News

    A fine mess


    The news that France and Germany are ''officially'' out of recession should be music to the ears of box terminal operators. A growth in gross domestic product - albeit a subdued 0.3% one - in both countries in the second quarter should herald the start of the uptick, bringing with ...

  • News

    What's in your basket?


    As the latest set of quarterly container throughput figures hits the wire, there''s no disguising the continued trade slump on the key east-west trade routes. So, perhaps it''s time to remind ourselves that seabourne trade is not all about boxes - although it''s been hard to think of anything else ...

  • News

    Work smarter


    It''s easy in this economic trough in which we find ourselves to be fooled into thinking that nips and tucks in your business structure will be enough to see you through the lean times. But if your "vision" is that narrow, you will be missing many tricks that could put ...

  • News

    Fully charged


    It amazes me in this day and age - and this economic climate - that the UK government is still persisting in its drive to drag backdated rates from the nation''s port businesses.

  • News

    The half-full glass


    I am, one of those rare breeds: an optimist at heart. And it gladdens me to read that the Port Strategy columnists feel the same way.

  • News

    Lateral thinking


    It''s a common misconception that being green costs money. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can ''green'' your port or terminals without spending a penny. And you could even save money - something not to be sniffed at times of economic meltdown.

  • News



    There is undoubtedly a certain amount of battening down the hatches going on in the international terminal operating sector but behind this public action, in certain cases at least, an eye for a bargain is being maintained.

  • News

    Bright spots


    In these harsh - and getting harsher - times, it''s refreshing to hear that not everyone has been dragged down by the doom and gloom brigade.

  • News

    Perfect storm


    With credit running dry and real costs spiralling, the UK''s revision of business rates for port operators could not have come at a worse time. And when that revision slaps bills running into millions of pounds on the desks of large and small operators alike, the nation''s port sector can ...

  • News

    Star performer


    No one wants to contribute to talking ourselves into a recession, least of all this column, but given that we are now genuinely experiencing a rough ride in financial and economic terms it does seem appropriate to highlight the importance of achieving a consistently good performance in the port industry, ...

  • News



    There has been a flurry of activity recently on the part of shipping lines either individually or collectively rationalising service networks or announcing their withdrawal from them. Underpinning this is the slump in world trade, a steadily increasing gap between available liner capacity and demand, and freight rates which on ...