Coda Octopus launches 4G underwater inspection tool

Coda Octopus UIS4G Coda Octopus UIS4G embeds a smaller and lighter real-time 3D sonar than its predecessor
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Coda Octopus has launched its lightweight and compact fourth generation (4G) Underwater Inspection System UIS for inspection; change detection analysis; and search and recovery in ports.

Developed from Coda Octopus’ original UIS, the UIS4G continues to feature the company’s real-time 3D imaging sonar, Echoscope, with a high accuracy position and motion sensor, repeatable hydrographic vessel pole and above water digital video camera, but embeds a smaller and lighter real-time 3D sonar and introduces Coda’s ISAR (Integrated Single Axis Rotator) for simple on-the-fly application adjustment whilst underway.

Rapid risk assessment

Sergeant Steve Smock, an experienced user of the UIS from the Long Beach Police Department, California, stated: "The Coda Octopus Underwater Inspection System has been a game changer for our operations within the port. It allows us to rapidly mobilize the system to assess threats in real time in our underwater environment.

“The high-resolution images generated are photograph-like and enable us to see clearly areas of interest below the water, and allow us to identify changes in our ports by comparing previous surveys with latest survey. We see the data immediately and therefore do not need to waste time and money on processing the data.”

Real-time 3D sonar technology can be used to instantly visualise subsea structures live, without any post-processing. This means users of the system can utilise and interpret data generated in real time without needing specialist hydrographic surveyors.

Coda Octopus explained that in asset inspection, this ability could be used in support of wider structural engineering assessments or as part of a specific requirement such as a damage assessment following a major environmental event.


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