About Us

GreenPort provides business information on environmental best practices and corporate responsibility centred around marine ports and terminals, including shipping, transport and logistics.

It is a respected source of business information that our clients trust to deliver their marketing message. GreenPort is available three ways, in print, by weekly e-Newsletter and online at GreenPort.com. These different formats enable readers to receive news and use the information resource in a way that suits them best. It also enables advertising clients to tailor their marketing message through the most effective medium.

GreenPort in Print

By investing in identifying the key individuals who make purchasing decisions, GreenPort magazine provides advertising clients with access to a high-quality audience. Its reader-friendly layout and rich editorial content ensures it is read and kept for future reference and offers an ideal environment for reinforcing brands, products and services.

GreenPort Online

GreenPort.com is a key source of the latest industry news with new content added every day. As a marketing platform, it can help your business stay ‘front of mind’ for an average of 8,700 visitors a month. It is an effective way to make an impact and drive traffic to your website.

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