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Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general of ESPO

Call for FuelEU clarity


European ports want coherent legislation on provision and use of clean energy infrastructure for ports.

  • Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

    Making the EU fit for 55


    If all goes well, on 14 July we will not only be commemorating the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille in 1789, but also be bearing witness to a green revolution in Europe, writes Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

  • Trelleborg's research says that sustainability remains a key consideration for businesses Photo: Trelleborg

    Serious about sustainability


    With increasing stakeholder expectations and regulations, the maritime industry finds itself at a pivotal point in the debate around sustainability, writes Richard Hepworth, president,Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure

  • Ports need to embrace a new energy roadmap going forward, Mr Yergin said

    A new energy roadmap


    Talk of energy transition needs to move on from what needs to be done to when it can be done.