DP World Australia pioneers box weighing fee

03 Jul 2014

DP World Australia has brought in a fee as part of its compliance with the country’s Chain of Responsibility legislation, inclusive of a weigh-in charge for all full import containers and a penalty charge when an overweight box is found.

The fee is A$5.10 (US$4.80) plus sales tax per full import container delivered by road, and a Chain of Responsibility Overweight Fee of A$100 (US$94.30) plus tax per container removed from a vehicle if it is found not to comply with axle-loading requirements for vehicles using public roads.

Trucks will depart the terminal via the weigh-in-motion facility and if a truck gets a red light and does not have a current permit, it will be refused exit from the terminal and DP World will remove one or more containers from the trailer.

The new fee is the first of its type in Australia and may be extended to other terminals and other states in due course.

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