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    Dredging for Savannah


    The Port of Savannah has received conditional blessing from the US Army Corps of Engineers in relation to the dredging plans to expand the US’s fourth-largest container port. The Corps have judged that the planned mitigation projects around the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge will offset the environmental costs of ...

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    Port of Seattle wins environmental award


    The Port of Seattle has won a national Green Fleet award recognising its use of alternative fuels including biodiesel, CNG and hybrid vehicles. It is also for its programmes relating to air quality and green practices.

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    Zero emission trucks for Long Beach


    The Port of Long Beach has entered a deal with Vision Motor Corporation to develop a hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric ''on-road'' truck and an electric zero-emission terminal tractor.

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    Maryland promises to offset dredging pollution


    Maryland Port in Baltimore has promised to offset pollution caused by dredging. The state Department of the Environment is requiring the Port Administration to limit or make up for the nitrogen and phosphorus expected to drain back into the Patapsco River from the dredged material to be placed in ...

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    Port rail project gets funding


    The Port of Los Angeles has been awarded $16 million toward a rail project that will both reduce pollution and ease congestion.

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    Vancouver air awards


    A user-friendly incentive for shipping lines that reduce emissions has been launched by Port Metro Vancouver.

  • Five local companies have helped the ports of Long Beach and LA to clean up their air

    Honours for clean air initiatives


    Five local maritime and cargo companies that have taken extraordinary steps to improve air quality collected honours at the third annual Air Quality Awards, presented by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

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    WWL: 32%cut in greenhouse gas emissions


    Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics cut its green house gas emissions by 32% last year. The company also cut its sulphur dioxide emissions (SO2) emissions by 135,000 tonnes in a nine year period from 2000 to 2009, an amount nearly equal to all the SO2 emissions from road vehicles in the United ...

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    Judges evaluate Los Angeles/ Long Beach clean air awards


    Earlier this year the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach opened nominations for the third annual CAAP air quality awards.

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    Harbour pleasure boat fitted with hybrid propulsion


    The Los Angeles Harbor Commission has authorised the Port of Los Angeles to purchase a hybrid propulsion system for its 40-passenger harbour tour boat.

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    Los Angeles considers reduced import tariff for zero-emission vehicles


    In early May the Port of Los Angeles announced that it was planning to become the world’s first port to offer a reduced tariff for zero-emission vehicles imported into the US. The reduced-fee incentive proposal follows the decision by Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Company Ltd to locate its North American ...

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    Houston approves enviro-tractors


    Earlier this year the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority (PHA) approved awarding a $1.3 million contract to Adobe Equipment to replace 15 yard tractors at the Barbours Cut container terminal with the cleanest-burning engines available.

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    Los Angeles commended for Wilmington Waterfront report


    The environmental management staff of the Port of Los Angeles have received the 2010 Outstanding Environmental Analysis Document by the Association of Environmental Professionals for the preparation of the environmental impact report (EIR) for the Wilmington Waterfront project.

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    Seattle succeeds in eliminating polluting old trucks


    The Port of Seattle has exceeded earlier expectations in its clean air initiative to remove drayage (container-hauling) trucks with pre-1994 engines from the road. The ScRAPS (Scrappage and Retrofits for Air in Puget Sound) scheme was initiated last November and by late April 168 trucks had already been removed from ...

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    Seattle encourages low-sulphur fuels


    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on 22 April, the Port of Seattle chose to highlight its environmental stewardship with one of its green initiatives, the At-Berth Clean (ABC) Fuels programme.

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    Houston calls for international action to curb pollution from ships


    Local officials from the Houston, Texas, port area petitioned the International Maritime Organization, which met 22-26 March in London, to accept the US Environmental Protection Agency’s application to establish more stringent fuel and engine standards for large ships creating 200-mile-wide buffer zones along the US-Canada coastlines.

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    Tacoma unveils “Fee-Free” truck emissions improvement programme


    A critical component of regional freight transportation, heavy-duty trucks represent 1 percent of maritime industry diesel emissions at the Port of Tacoma. To reduce this impact, the Port Commission recently authorized a market-based programme to reduce over-the road emissions.

  • Sramek

    Clean trucks scheme nearly two years ahead of schedule


    The Port of Long Beach has reached an important milestone

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    Green Marine revises performance indicators


    During the course of last summer, three technical committees composed of Green Marine participants held a series of meetings to discuss the addition of new issues to the Environmental Programme and the development of revisions to the current performance indicators.

  • The modernisation of the Middle Harbor

    A port transformed: five years of the Green Port policy


    Long Beach’s transformation into an environmental leader among seaports began five years ago this month with approval of the Green Port Policy