Great expectations for Navis Inspire Awards

Andy Barrons Andy Barrons explains what Navis Inspire Awards entrants will need to win the 'Innovation' and ‘Terminal Operations Optimization’ categories. Credit: Cargotec
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Navis Inspire Awards entrants vying to win the ‘Innovation’ category will have to demonstrate that they are pushing the limits to implement new technologies, integrations and processes into their work stream.

Andy Barrons, chief strategy officer at Navis, said the category is part of the awards because innovation is key to enabling digital transformation across the supply chain that can help collaboration, optimise and automate planning and drive greater performance across the supply chain, including efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Navis expects that entrants “are implementing Navis software to better their companies and ultimately to drive higher performance and spark new and innovative ways of working across the supply chain.”

In 2017, Yilport Holding Inc. won the Innovation award. Yilport was the first terminal operator holding in Turkey, who in a span of 11 years acquired and now globally operate 20 marine ports and terminals.

“The company also implemented new innovations, such as the Global Logistics Center (GLC),” said Mr Barrons. “They carried out the Navis N4 deployment strategy as the core of this project and plan to use Navis N4 at all current and future YILPORT terminals.”

Yilport’s work transformed their terminal operating systems and saw productivity increase “tremendously”, he added.

Terminal optimisation

To be in with a chance of winning the ‘Terminal Operations Optimization Category’, entrants are expected to be “constantly optimizing and adjusting their terminal operating systems to reach the maximum productivity at their terminals.”

The Terminal Operations Optimisation category is included in the awards because optimising the efficiency, productivity, environmental sustainability and functionality of the Navis N4 software is very important to the performance of every terminal, explained Mr Barrons.

Navis will also be looking for entrants that “understand and accept that to grow and remain competitive they need to adopt new technologies” to meet constantly evolving changes, said Mr Barrons. “They should be comfortable using data and new technology to make informed decisions at their terminals.”

In 2017, PD Ports won the Terminal Operations Optimization award. PD Ports implemented the Navis Business Intelligence Portal, which helped it track key KPIs, including vessel productivity, truck turnaround times, cost (hours) and CHE utilisation.

“By embracing new technology, new data and analytic capabilities, PD Ports proved they are capable of improving and optimizing their terminal operations,” said Mr Barrons.

Oher categories in the Inspire Awards include ‘Vessel Performance and Capacity Optimisation’, ‘Customer/Community Impact’, ‘Collaboration Across the Container Flow’ and ‘Learning and Development’. For the first time, Navis now also offers an Individual Achievement Award.

The winners will be announced at Navis World 2019, from 25-28 March.


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