Post Script – Page 6

  • South Africa's regulator is showing its true colours. Credit: Coda

    The regulator


    It is now just over five years since South Africa’s Regulator – one of the world’s few independent port regulators – first convened.

  • Lamu has environmental and other issues. Credit: Magnus Kjaergaard

    Legacy or lunacy?


    They say it will represent an important part of the legacy of Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki but how realistic is it to think that Kenya’s new port of Lamu will follow an effective development programme?

  • Lethal cocktail of factional in-fighting, corruption, and dock labour force unrest is disrupting Mombasa port progress

    Lethal cocktail


    Congestion is back in the East African ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam and to informed observers this comes as no surprise.

  • Lines have failed to bring excess capacity in check. Credit: Dirk Ingo Franke

    Bad times cometh


    Ask any container shipping line about its New Year’s resolution and it has to be finding the path to stem financial losses.

  • The challenge by rival Felixstowe may have put a spanner in the works for ABP Southampton's expansion plans

    Hostile climate


    Last month, the Port of Felixstowe secured a judicial review of ABP Southampton’s plans to extend the berth line of the Southampton Container Terminal by 500 metres.

  • APM Terminals is to take on Gothenburg's SCT

    Deal certainty


    There have been a few instances over the past year where the transition from Preferred Bidder to being award a terminal concession has been unusually swift.

  • Felixstowe's robots give muscle to the UK port's quest for supremacy

    Cyber-style UK domination


    Felicity Landon reports on a bit of a Doctor Who moment on the quayside at Felixstowe.

  • Improved security regulations prompted by 9/11 are to applauded. Credit: US Coast Guard

    Benefits born out of adversity


    The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 brought fundamental change to the ports sector. And while this change was born out of adversity much of it is change that can now be regarded as positive.

  • Berbera might prove a viable alternative to Djibouti. Credit: Brian Dell

    The Berbera option


    Ethiopia, which has had more than one spat with Djibouti over the access it gets to its port facilities, the service levels available there and the price it pays for these, is soon to have a new port gateway made available to it.

  • Guinea's roller-coaster concessioning ride shows no signs of stopping any time soon

    An extraordinary affair


    The early expulsion of Getma International, a subsidiary of the NCT Necotrans group, from its 25-year concession for the Conakry container terminal in Guinea has all the hallmarks of a most extraordinary affair.

  • ICTSI has struck an unusual deal in India. Credit: Ronaldo Lazzari

    An Indian first


    International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI) has entered the burgeoning Indian container market in an innovative way.

  • Sunrise

    A new dawn


    India is a container market that all major international terminal operators want a piece of due to its major growth potential.

  • Mombasa needs to take charge of its berth commissioning

    Time to shine


    You could say here we go again and you would be right.

  • Scales

    A balancing act


    The question of port capacity and specifically the issue of introducing it at the right time was raised briefly in the last issue of PS but in the light of recent events it is worthy of further discussion.

  • Cameroon will use China's loan to fund deep sea port expansion

    The China effect


    In January 2011, it was announced that China will lend Cameroon 243.5bn CFA francs ($48.7m), the majority of which will be spent on financing new deep-sea port facilities at the port at Kribi in the south of the central African nation.

  • Line up for the Lunatic Express

    All aboard


    Man eating lions, murder, political controversy, highs and lows - the so-called “Lunatic Line” has seen it all. Where is it? It is the railway built in the era of British East Africa that runs from Mombasa to Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria and on to Kampala in ...

  • News

    Polish conversion


    The fact that Poland’s newest container terminal DCT Gdansk took a long time to find the financing required for its set-up was no accident.

  • Bell ringing

    Ringing the changes


    What are the consequences of the world recession for the international container terminal operating sector? We''ve put together a rundown of a few that are manifest and some that are just emerging.

  • Postscript

    Changing the guards


    The order of things is changing in Mediterranean container transhipment operations.

  • Postscript

    Opening the box


    Dynamar has chosen an interesting time for the release of a new report entitled, Container Throughput & Terminal Capacity in Europe.