Prodevelop is a company highly specialized in ICT application for the maritime industry, which prides itself on its ability to offer innovative and flexible solutions, specially designed to meet the requirements of each and every one of its clients. It offers comprehensive port information system platforms, which focus mainly on meeting the needs of Port Authorities and Terminals. 

The portfolio of Prodevelop covers from Port Management Information Systems to Integrated Port Operation Management Systems, Port Community Systems and National Single Window, Safety & Security, Environmental Management Systems, Space Management, Mobile Workforce, Port CDM, Terminal 4.0, etc.

30-year experience offering specialized solutions for managing and optimizing Port Authorities and Terminals activities has led them to create Posidonia, a Suite for Port and Terminal Management. Posidonia is a highly modular suite of products that may be deployed in isolation or together, which cover the vast majority of management processes of a Port Authority and a Terminal.

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    What Digitalisation can do for your Port or Terminal?

    2023-05-03T15:34:00Sponsored by

    Digital transformation is a key facet for driving fundamental change in business today. Like everything, there are pros and cons however digitalisation is a path you must embrace sooner or later to enable your port or terminal to adapt to the complexities of the global market.