Dellner Dampers is a world leading company that supplies solutions to vibration or energy absorption problems. Solutions are provided for railways, bridges, material handling and other special applications. The products, dampers and buffers, are designed in close cooperation with our customers. Design and manufacturing is all done in-house in Sweden.

For more than 50 years Dellner Dampers have been a trusted supplier to the global rolling stock market (trains, trams and metros). A wide range of other industrial fields are served as well such as bridges, container spread­ers, ship to shore cranes, wind turbines, defense applications and more.

Cranes & End Stops - OEM/After Market

The HYBUFF G-series, are gas hydraulic energy absorbers, originally designed for use in port side cranes.

With more than 50 years of experience - we know how to stop a moving mass safely.

The HYBUFF can be used in ports - either as part of a STS or RMG crane or as an end stop for yard cranes. The HYBUFF will protect the operator and structure in the event of an involuntary impact.

The HYBUFF G-series can be used in any gantry or overhead crane or other types of equipment in heavy industries where heavy loads are being moved e.g. paper and steel mills or mining.

When refurbishing a crane in most case there will be no need for a redesign when using a HYBUFF - replaces the most common brand. Just “Plug n Play”. Simulation – all buffers are sized for your application by in house simulation.

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