Developer of reliable computers for DEMANDING environments

JLT works with leading Terminal Operating System providers to ensure that its rugged computers meet or exceed the reliability and performance requirements in ports.

Since the early days of JLT, ports has been a strategically important market segment and over time JLT has gained an understanding of the unique requirements of port operations. The JLT product offering has evolved to the present VERSO Series of Vehicle Mount Terminals (VMT) Working closely with leading providers of Terminal Operating System (TOS) help us to prepare for the future.

With the VERSO Series you will get a rugged platform for all in-vehicle applications meeting or exceeding the demand for reliability and performance. The VERSO Series presents a versatile platform that fit in many different applications, especially where a compact form factor is required. The VERSO product becomes the multi-task, multi-session all-in-one terminal. Whether you are running a thin client with one task or a rich client with multiple functions, the VERSO Series is what you should look at. The VERSO Series offers the processor, storage and display options to fit the task, as well as the connectivity technology that give stability and predictable performance with operational efficiency.

Port customers around the world are today successfully using the JLT VMTs in Reach stackers, RTG and large STS cranes.

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