Global Handling Solutions for Container Terminals

 Over 60 years enhancing efficient, profitable and reliable port operations. Vast experience in the container handling industry that naturally led to an ongoing research and development to meet the challenging demands of our customers through our own Advanced Solutions for the Port Industry.

Container handling cranes is in our DNA: we have reached a pioneer achievement by having been recognized to have improved the standard of living worldwide thanks to the development of the world´s first high speed, dockside container handling crane while being awarded for having set up an international historic mechanical engineering landmark.

Our cranes ceaseless keep operating in countless container terminals throughout 4 continents: design & assembly of far over 500 STS Portainers, more than 2000 RTG & RMG Transtainers.

120 top experienced engineers spread all over the world join their efforts and work on research & development to continue offering disruptive and sustainable solutions for a fast- changing world.

High quality services covering any need around container handling cranes thanks to multiple challenging maintenance, inspection, repair & refurbishment projects worldwide.

Our cutting-edge container terminal automation & digitization softwares (PACECO POSEIDON TOS and PACECO SPYDER) along with our unique mobile Port Equipment and Advanced Technologies Training Simulator guarantee the future of sustainable, highly efficient container terminals.

For requests within Europe or ADvanced Port Technologies, please contact us through our website and stay updated about news and projects on our PACECO MOMENTUM & PACECO POSEIDON corporate Linkedin account:


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