Innovation at the Port of Alicante

Voice Command Integration Changes the Game at Container Terminals

In an era where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the Port of Alicante (Spain) is at the forefront of innovation in port management. With the official announcement of the integration of 1MillionBot Marítimo with PACECO POSEIDONs TOS (Terminal Operating System), a new chapter in the efficiency and automation of container terminals has been opened. This project has received support and funding through the Ports 4.0 fund of Puertos del Estado (Spanish Port System).

1MillionBot Marítimo: Technological Sinergies
1MillionBot Maritime, an advanced platform for intelligent virtual assistants, has been specifically designed to adapt to the complex needs of the port logistics environment. Its integration with PACECO POSEIDON’s TOS (Terminal Operating System) represents a qualitative leap in the management of container movements. This collaboration enables more efficient and secure control, significantly reducing operating times and improving the user experience.

Improving Efficiency and Security in the Port of Alicante
At the Port of Alicante, the application of artificial intelligence through 1MillionBot Marítimo has resulted in a remarkable increase in efficiency and safety. Stevedores can now record their operations using only their voice. This voice command capability, based on natural language processing, increases the efficiency of operations while enhancing safety, freeing operators from the need to dive their attention from critical tasks.

Commanding the Future: Voice in Port Operations
The most revolutionary feature of 1MillionBot Maritime is its ability to receive and execute voice commands. This innovation not only represents a technological breakthrough, but will also redefine daily operations at port terminals. With voice as the primary tool, the inconvenience of manual interfaces is eliminated, allowing for greater focus and agility in container management.

A Paradigm Shift within the Industry
The integration of 1MillionBot Maritime with PACECO POSEIDON’s TOS system is more than just a technological improvement; it is a paradigm shift in the port-logistics sector. Voice automation opens up a range of possibilities for other ports and terminals, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for different environments and operational needs.

A Vision for the Future
The collaboration between 1MillionBot Maritime and the Port of Alicante sets a precedent in the global port industry. By integrating artificial intelligence into its daily operations, the Port of Alicante not only improves its efficiency and safety, but also positions itself as a leader in port technology innovation. This is a clear sign that the future of port operations is here, and it is voice-driven.


About 1MillionBot: 1MillionBot born in 2018 is a technology company operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with a recognized leadership in the development of virtual assistants (AVIs) in the public and private sector, with more than 120 success stories in the national and international market.

About PACECO POSEIDON: PACECO POSEIDON is a market-leading port operations management system, known for its robustness and ability to integrate with various technologies in the port environment.

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