Portpack UK Limited possess a wealth of applications knowledge and design experience in the field of Containerised Mobile Bagging systems to handle free flowing fertilizers, food grains, and similar bulk shipped ‘dry’ materials.

Our products are designed to work efficiently in some of the most demanding locations in the World.

The primary use of the Mobile Bagging system is the direct discharge of bulk carriers in the port of arrival, with filled sealed bags being loaded directly onto trucks for onward distribution or delivery.The system is contained inside two ISO specially designed and Lloyds approved 20’ containers. When erected the units are mounted on wheels (optional) to allow for easy movement alongside vessel to each of the vessels hatches for discharge directly into the Grab Load Hopper. The Grab Load Hopper which fits on top of the upper container has a capacity of 12 cubic metres thereby allowing material to be lifted out of the ships hold directly into the Mobile Bagging unit.Portpack manufacture their equipment in the United Kingdom to high engineering standards, by a team of engineers fully conversant with the products since its conception. The equipment incorporates many unique features as a result of feedback from our customers and the market all of which combine to maximise output and efficiency.