Saab offers a comprehensive suite of innovative products to make your maritime operations safer, more efficient and more secure. We supply proven solutions for:

  • Port and Terminal Management
  • Pilot Dispatch
  • Vessel Traffic Services
  • AIS solutions and networks
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Hydrography

Our customers are located around the world and range from individual users to large ports. At any given moment, our systems are keeping track of over 50 000 vessels. Our systems contribute to the daily operation of 5 of the top 11 container ports in the world.

Ports can distinguish themselves by getting cargo from ship to follow-on transport with minimal delay. In our Fairway to Freeway concept, Saab solutions work together to make that happen, keeping all resources optimally in play. The immediate result is better communication, more insight in operations and faster, more accurate billing. Our solutions help to create a more efficient and profitable port.

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