Central Romana Corporation partners again with ShibataFenderTeam to equip vital port in Dominican Republic

Owned and operated by Central Romana Corporation, Port La Romana is located at the mouth of the Dulce River in the Dominican Republic. 

This strategic location makes La Romana the gateway to the eastern part of the country, an area that has lately experienced a high growth in cruise tourism. In 2021, the corporation launched an expansion project to allow berthing of larger vessels and to increase the port’s operational capacity.

Due to this expansion it was identified that the current fenders, ShibataFenderTeam CSS Cell Fenders, needed to be upgraded to safely accommodate these larger cruise vessels. Contacted again to lead the refurbishment of La Romana, we delivered 11 CSS Cell Fenders (CSS2000, G1.0) with steel panels measuring 3000x3805 mm and 3 spare rubber bodies. The order also included 4 Single Bit Bollards (200 t) and 2 T-Head Bollards (200 t).

As in a well-coordinated gear, all teams worked together with the client to deliver a first-class solution.

The engineering team worked on a design that would prevent damages from shear forces and added shear chains to the final system. The logistics team was faced with the complicated freight market situation at that moment, being forced to rearrange shipments several times to deliver on time. Additionally, the sales team coordinated with the client which fenders to install first and how, to gradually complete the berthing line, following the very short time windows available between vessels. And finally, one of our sales representatives travelled to Port La Romana to check the delivered goods and provide our client with all the necessary technical support.

We would like to thank Central Romana Corporation for their confidence in us and to congratulate them for achieving their growth objective, marked by the arrival of the cruise vessel ‘Odyssey of the Seas’ in November 2022.