With more than six decades experience and an unparalleled expertise in rubber production, over 7,500 references around the world and 130,000 fenders in service, ShibataFenderTeam ensures the safety and protection of vessels, port infrastructure and people globally.

SFT is the leading global fender manufacturer, but always at our client’s side. Headquartered in Germany, with offices in the United States, Malaysia, Spain and The Netherlands we offer excellent customer service supported by well-established local representatives on six continents. With our own facilities for steel, composite and foam production in Germany and rubber production in Japan and Malaysia, the quality of our products sets us apart from our competitors.

Specialising in customized solutions, we are well known for consulting from an early project stage and our in-house engineering track record in marine construction is long proven. We stand out due to our strong focus on producing all major components in-house, supporting throughout the service life of the fender system and testing according to industry guidelines.

Creating and protecting value is the essence of what we do. We offer the full range of marine fender products, from simple rubber profiles up to highly engineered systems and foam products, as well as accessories and fixings.

We pursue a holistic approach to system design Providing safety critical fender systems that guarantee performance.

At SFT we foster progress and acknowledge the responsibility that comes with our role as a PIANC Platinum Partner. We participate in the PIANC MarCom Working Group 211, updating the 2002 “Guidelines for the design of fender systems”, have members among National Sections and as Young Professionals, lead the PIANC Promotion Commission and frequently interact with the PIANC family by sponsoring and networking activities.

ShibataFenderTeam are true fender experts.


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