First stainless-steel fender panel system installed in the United States by ShibataFenderTeam

Pearl Harbor, located in the archipelago of Hawaii, is one of the most famous naval bases in history.

In 2010, the base partnered with Hickman Air Force to become ‘Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickman’, a single facility that supports both Air Force and Navy missions. Currently one of the US Navy’s busiest harbors, the fleet docking at its facilities represents a wide variety of vessel classifications including floating radar stations.

Contracted by Marisco LTD, ShibataFenderTeam was entrusted with the design and manufacturing of a system to safely accommodate the berthing of this type of floating radar stations. A project conditioned by a major concern: the standoff distance between the vessel and the structure to provide sufficient clearance, and a key requirement: avoiding any corrosion that would affect the submerged camel system.

An assignment that resulted in a unique project, extremely rare in the industry.

The SFT in-house engineering team analyzed any and all of the conditions to design a mooring camel system equipped with 42 Komposite Fenders (300x300x3470), 4 Corner Fenders (150H x 1000/1000L) and 8 SPC Cone Fender Systems (SPC 800) with stainless steel fender panels to avoid corrosion - the first of its kind to be installed in the United States.

The delivery came with another challenge: it was affected by a demanding schedule. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with all in-house teams and the contractor, SFT managed to organize a special shipment to fully meet the requirements of the client and the project.

As a true fender specialist, we are proud to be part of and challenged with these projects that make us strengthen our position and vision as a global market leader in the fender industry. We thank Marisco LTD for putting their trust in us.

ShibataFenderTeam Pearl Harbor stainless steel panel camel system cone fenders