New Port of Vreed-en-Hoop, in Guyana, equipped with ShibataFenderTeam solutions

Located on the West Bank of the Demerara river, the new Port of Vreed-en-Hoop is a public and private project set to improve the country’s nautical accessibility. 

It will be developed in two phases, ultimately spanning 400 hectares and including a shipyard, fabrication yards, facilities for oil and gas, a container terminal, and a liquid bulk terminal.

To equip this new infrastructure, ShibataFenderTeam supplied 20 Double Cone Fender Systems, each comprising two Cone Fenders (SPC 900, G3.1) and a large closed box panel (2300x5000 mm) with UHMW-PE pads. Additionally, we provided 8 Steel Ladders and 12 T-Head Bollards, each with a capacity of 200 tons.

The tidal range of the area, with nearly 3.5 meters between low and high tides, influenced the design of the fender systems. ShibataFenderTeam’s in-house engineering team customized a Double Cone Fender system with long, 5-meter-high panels to ensure consistent energy absorption and optimal functioning of the fenders, regardless of sea level fluctuations.

The contractor’s emphasis on quality testing and certification played a crucial role in selecting ShibataFenderTeam as a partner for this project. Our distinctive in-house manufacturing process at our state-of-the-art facility in Malaysia, equipped with cutting-edge machinery for rubber fender testing, met the contractor’s stringent requirements.

At ShibataFenderTeam, we are proud to provide our expertise and holistic approach—considering all project conditions, components and design, along with manufacturing and testing—to support the construction of a facility that will bring financial benefits and create jobs, positively impacting the local community.