ShibataFenderTeam delivers 11 SPC Cone Fender for the expansion in Port of Santos, Brazil

AGEO Terminals, a leader in handling liquid bulk at the Port of Santos since 2008, caters to diverse industries, including chemical and cosmetics.

Its prime position on the left bank of the port – the biggest in Latin America – paves the way for ambitious expansions. A notable example is the construction of the new berth AGEO SP, capable of accommodating vessels up to 230 meters in length and with a capacity of 80,000 DWT, marking a significant development in the infrastructure.

To provide safe berthing for the larger vessels, SFT designed and delivered 11 SPC Cone Fender Systems (1300, G1.2) with closed box panel (2300 x 3860mm) pre-fitted with UHMW-PE pads. The order also included 11 double Quick Release Hooks (QRH 100t) manufactured and supplied in collaboration with our long-term partner company Straatman.

Given that the new berth primarily accommodates liquid bulk carriers, often transporting highly hazardous cargo, adhering to stringent safety and quality standards was crucial. The project’s swift completion, initiated in early February and finalized by the second half of the same year, is also noteworthy.

Finally, AGEO was particularly pleased with the excellent customer service provided throughout this project. SFT celebrates the successful completion of the new terminal, a significant boost to AGEO’s competitive edge and a reinforcement of its commitment to the region.