ShibataFenderTeam supplies11 Double Cone Fender Systems for Dundee

Forth Ports Dundee is one of the major economic engines in the City of Dundee, in the east of Scotland.

Ideally placed to carter the North Sea Oil and Gas industry, it has undergone substantial renovations in recent times, the most significant being the construction of a new quayside, which also positions Dundee as a strong option for the offshore wind farm industry.

To equip this expansion project, the ShibataFenderTeam’s Dutch office worked in collaboration with Graham Construction to design and supply a customized solution: 11 double Cone Fender Systems each consisting of two Cone Fenders (SPC 700, G2.1) and a closed box panel with UHMW-PE pads. It is interesting to mention the size of these steel panels: 2032x6950 mm, relatively large due to the tidal ranges typically experienced in this area of the UK coast.

The project scope also included 8 T-Head Bollards (100t) and 4 Removable T-Head Bollard (100t); the latter customized with an anchor frame to create removability of the bollards during operation.

Following this modernization, the Port of Dundee will have an additional 300 meters for safe berthing operations and a new heavy lift quay capable of roll-on/roll-off as well as conventional loading and unloading operations.

As the leading manufacturer of fender systems, one of our main strengths is our customer-oriented approach. A key factor that has earned us a reputation as a reliable partner on projects like this, the third consecutive collaboration with Graham Construction following the Tilbury 2 and Victoria 2 Terminal projects.