Visy is a technology company specializing in gate automation and crane OCR systems based on vision technology and AI.

The Gate Operating System Platform that Creates Certainty

Ports and terminals require solutions that enable scalable, flexible and repeatable operations for the benefit of the business unit and the greater logistics community. The right Gate Operating System (GOS) provides certainty even during uncertain times.

Visy Access Gate is the only single-platform solution that manages access and area control for all cargo, assets and personnel that go in or out of a site by quay, rail or road. Whether we are working with a growing inland terminal, or a multi-site, multi-tenant global operator, Visy Access Gate will reduce operating expenses, optimize safety and security and increase throughput capacity.

Understanding logistics is the cornerstone of our platform. The seamless integration of data collection technologies such optical character recognition (OCR), artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics, along with interfaces to 3rd party systems like a TOS, is how we accelerate our customers’ business performance.