Shem Oirere

Shem Oirere

He is a Kenyan journalist who previously worked for daily newspapers as a general news correspondent, business reporter and sub editor before turning into full time freelancing. He has, for the more than 20 years, covered various sectors of Africa’s economy including agriculture, food processing and maritime industries. He holds a BA in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of South Africa. He has travelled within and outside Africa covering various industry events that have a bearing on the continent’s economy on behalf of different international consumer and trade publications. He currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

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  • Port of Bujumbura

    African port development will mitigate flooding


    Bujumbura port is undergoing major renovation

  • Mombasa Port, Kenya

    EU help for African alternative power projects


    Port emissions remain a huge problem at Africa’s ports, but help may be on the horizon.

  • Port of Maio

    Achieving shorter transit times


    A Cape Verde port has been upgraded to cut down transit times and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • A cargo ship on the water.

    Green energy development plan


    South Africa’s State-owned port operator has turned its attention to green energy.

  • Collapsed buildings on the Togo coast, with a brick wall undercut by beach erosion.

    Shoreline protection project


    The challenge of erosion and associated coastal flooding have triggered long term investments in west Africa.

  • Port of Luanda

    Automation boost in Angola


    Angola’s Port of Luanda is stepping up investment in automation at the port’s concessioned container terminal so to achieve a safer, greener and more productive performance in the long-term.

  • Spartacus, one of the largest and most powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredgers

    Green port expansion


    Egypt is reclaiming nearly 1000ha of new land for the maritime gateway’s development.

  • Damietta Port

    Damietta green expansion


    Damietta Ports Authority (DPA) has announced a new US$78.9 million contract for the deepening and development of the port’s sea lane.

  • Damietta Port

    Damietta Port accelerates green drive


    Damietta Port in Egypt is accelerating its drive to replace its fossil fuel-powered cranes with electric cargo lifting equipment to save on fuel and reduce diesel emissions.

  • News

    Covid-19 impacts port operations


    The unforeseen outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 has impacted many port operations across Africa with East Africa’s biggest Port of Mombasa being described as a ‘hotspot’ for transmission of the virus.

  • A team of workers in a port clearing waste from the water.

    South Africa’s drive to control ship emissions


    South Africa’s ports operator Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has hinted at the possibility of re-introducing in-water cleaning for all vessels calling at its eight ports.

  • Diani beach in Mombasa.

    Dredging for sand threatens coastal ecosystems in Kenya


    Concerns have been raised about the impact of sand harvesting on Kenya coastal beaches and marine ecosystems.

  • An African port. A large amount of solid waste floats on the surface of the water around the ships.

    Port of Durban tackles solid waste imports


    African ports face increasing generation of solid waste along with worsening climate change effects such as heavy rains and flooding. Shem Oirere finds out how Durban is rising to the challenge.

  • A cargo ship attempting to dock at the water hyacinth-filled Kisumu Port.

    Mitigating water hyacinth in East Africa


    Industrial pollution and siltation on Lake Victoria in East Africa are fuelling the spread of the water hyacinth weed.

  • Terma Port

    Sustainable port development in Ghana


    Port development in Africa has continued to gain momentum as countries on the continent launch new constructions or expand and rehabilitate existing ones amid concerns about the true impact of these projects, both on land and on the quality of the marine environment.

  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Spearheading tackling marine waste


    Five years ago, South Africa’s Port Elizabeth Harbour was named the third safest of country’s eight commercial ports in terms of security, an achievement it now appears determined to replicate in its environmental protection programme.