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  • Singapore has entered into a number of joint ventures over the years

    Setting robust joint venture terms


    HFW’s Craig Grant discusses the key considerations from a private company perspective when entering into a joint venture

  • Buyers should ensure that any key customer agreements are not jeopardised by a sale. Credit: wasi1370, CC0

    Balancing purchasing risks and rewards


    HFW’s Joseph Botham outlines the key considerations from a private company perspective when buying a port or a terminal.

  • Safety risks in ports must be handled correctly. Credit: nightman1965, 123rf

    Keep calm and carry on


    COMMENT: When faced with an explosion incident – perhaps during cargo loading or discharge operations – calmness is vital for effective co-ordination. Given there will, inevitably, be competing commercial interests, formulating a purposeful, strategic approach is key, writes Wole Olufunwa.

  • IoT can give ports enhanced visibility and control over their businesses Photo: jeferrb/Pixabay/CC0

    Paying the price of interconnectivity


    COMMENT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. It''s on our wrists, in our homes and, increasingly, present in a whole range of industries, including ports and shipping, writes HFW’s Felicity Burling.

  • News

    Socially unacceptable in port environs


    COMMENT: The allision on March 19, 2018 between the berthed Tolten and Hamburg Bay (alongside) at the South Asia Port Terminal in Karachi, Pakistan made international headlines following the distribution of a video showing the allision and several containers crashing onto the berth and into the sea, writes Lizzie Gray.