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  • The Tappan Zee deal gives hope to other indirect port infrastructure projects. Credit: Sev

    The highway to funding


    Even without explicit ties to port funding, highway projects throw off enormous benefits to ports.

  • President Obama's focus on unemployment plays nicely into the hands of ports. Credit: The White House

    Making the most of a supporting role


    In this season of Labor Day, job creation and the inchoate 2012 Presidential campaign trail - now an eighteen month affair - ports continue to be a bit player in the larger script.

  • Securing US funding just got a bit tougher

    Private cash more attractive than ever


    Pulling in Federal money to fund infrastructure projects got a little bit harder, as the US credit rating was downgraded.

  • TWIC 5x7

    Are you taking the TWIC?


    Back in the early days after the attrocities of September 11, 2001, one of my business ventures was the recipient of a Round 1 Port Security grant from what became the TSA, the body behind the TWIC ID scheme.

  • Give cargo a vote

    Give cargo a vote


    There is a cliché to the effect that "...cargo does not vote - but people do". Usually the context is the funding of infrastructure.

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    Virginia sees the bigger supply picture


    The State of Virginia, technically a “Commonwealth”, is setting the pace in transportation planning.

  • New infrastructure bank proposals envisage it offering loans rather than grants. Credit: Sheila Ellen

    US 'Infrastructure bank' back on the table


    The long talked about “Infrastructure Bank” is back in discussion-mode, albeit with a much different visage than originally proposed during the campaign season three years ago.

  • America's road infrastructure funding needs a radical re-think

    Ditch politically-motivated infrastructure schemes


    With attention focused on the ongoing sagas of the Highway Trust Fund, it’s clear that Obama advisor’s advisors (keenly aware of the old adage, “Cargo does not vote”) are not looking carefully at maritime issues.

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    Cargo is still king


    In early January, the Port of Seattle joined a growing list of ports with Green Truck programs.

  • Infrastructure spending is down but not out

    Black clouds on the funding horizon


    With the Holidays approaching, air travel delays (rather than port issues) are occupying most transport watchers.

  • Labour stoppages at New York's ports are "worrisome"

    Not in my backyard


    In these days of hyper-connected supply chains, we sometimes forget about the human factor, good old fashioned labour on the docks, in the warehouses, and around the port.

  • The ports business should be repeating its mantra “seaports bring prosperity”

    Coming together for the greater good


    Even before the 2008 elections, President Obama and his team were talking about Infrastructure.

  • The logistics maze: exact pathways of future intermodal movements are never clear

    Navigating through the logistics maze


    In the logistics business, you can’t always believe the plans and projects that are announced through press releases and conferences, which are, in turn, dutifully reported in the trade press and through news sites.

  • Port Strategy: Preparedness is the ancient art of keeping your assets in a crisis

    Drill, baby drill


    It’s impossible to pick up any maritime newspaper or magazine, or surf the myriad excellent websites offering business news, without reading about the ''oil spill''.

  • Ports across the US have emulated Long Beach and Los Angeles' Clean Truck programme

    Go local every time


    These days, the 200-year old challenge of Federal government involvement, versus actions at the local level, is alive and well when it comes to port operations.

  • It’s time to point out the importance of infrastructure to those who can influence its funding

    Kickstart a port funding campaign


    Here''s a call lto arms: everybody across the port industry should send media clips to the US'' 534 Senators and Congressmen.

  • Being able to solve the logistics puzzle is a powerful marketing tool for ports

    Keep a weather eye on the broader picture


    When I was a young commodity analyst, one of my mentors told me “if you torture the data long enough, it will say what you want it to".

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    Finance fund details to be hammered out


    Some observers have likened the US Congress to a sporting venue, as both sides seem to be engaged in a continual sparring match.

  • Port Strategy:Maritime business sense has prevailed over carp protection plans

    Commerce conquers carp in canal victory


    Last month, sensibility scored a major victory over rampant environmentalism with a Supreme Court ruling that stops a legal action initiated by the State of Michigan that sought to close two sections of a canal in the Chicago area.

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    New Yorker, opinion Dec 2009


    It sounds like a tired refrain already, but the legislators to the south of New York in Washington, DC ought not to take their eyes off the infrastructure funding issues, amid attention-grabbing headlines on health care and Afghanistan.