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    Moving target


    The tales of two recent labour struggles underline continuing fraught relations between port operators and workers in all parts of the world.

  • APM Terminals has put in an unsolicited bid to take over operations at Virginia Port Authority’s terminals

    Change of tack


    APM Terminals has boldly put its money where its mouth is in its commitment to North America and put in an unsolicited bid to take over operations at Virginia Port Authority’s terminals.

  • A third stevedore in Melbourne will further shake up DP World's and Patrick's 'virtual duopoly'

    Shaking up the status quo down-under


    Melbourne finally has its sights set on the prize with Port minister Denis Napthine giving the port''s long-awaited third container terminal the official go-ahead.

  • Fish

    Go fish and keep good staff on the hook


    We are bombarded on a daily basis with spiralling unemployment figures. So dire is the job market in many countries that you would be forgiven for thinking that employees would put up with anything just to keep what they have.

  • Discontented workers continue strikes at Ports of Auckland. Photo: S Oosterman

    No easy win for Tauranga


    The labour situation in New Zealand has gone from bad to worse: discontented port workers were about to enter their fourth month of strikes at Ports of Auckland as this issue went to press.

  • Unions should consider the realties of today’s brave, new and not-so-lucrative port world

    At your inconvenience


    The International Transport Workers’ Federation’s threat to unceremoniously brand the Ports of Auckland as its first Port of Convenience sets a worrying precedent.

  • The 'Occupy' movement seems intent on disrupting port operations on the US West Coast

    Low blows for US ports


    Falling volumes, bun fights for dredging works, misguided protestors disrupting operations – US ports are certainly having a tough time of it.

  • Plans have emerged to cut VPA's force of sworn police officers by two thirds

    Full throttle


    You certainly can’t accuse Virginia Port Authority of half measures. In July, it replaced all of its board members bar one in a sweeping move to kick-start growth.

  • US labour issues have once again stolen the headlines on the West Coast

    The bigger picture


    US labour issues have once again stolen the headlines on the West Coast, with a timing bordering on perfection.

  • Pirate

    Piracy port breach will force fresh thinking


    The scourge of modern day piracy has prompted shivers down the spine of many a hard-working ship owner. With one of the world’s key shipping arteries at the top of the Gulf of Aden, avoidance of the area is unrealistic.

  • Maersk's new campaign wants us to start talking about where the industry should be heading

    Why it's good to talk about the future


    Too much talk, not enough action. It’s a charge levelled with alarming frequently at the maritime industry – usually from within and from those at least partially responsible for the constant posturing.

  • European Commission investigations into price fixing could mean other companies find themselves subject to unwelcome probes

    Where's the trust?


    Ports should be watching the latest round of European anti-trust raids with interest.

  • There's a lack of coherence on the application of radioactivity levels checks

    Radiation checks reveal common policy void


    As April ended and May started, ships that had called at Japanese ports post-radiation leaks finally found their way to European and US ports. And what greeted them was a disjointed mix of reactions and confused strategies on screening and decontamination plans.

  • March’s disasters prompted a number of shipping lines to divert calls from Japan. Photo C Eames US Marine Corps

    Front line


    Ports are the front line for any island nation; they are the gateway for both inbound goods and commodities and for potential revenue-earning exports. The series of recent natural disasters has put this dependence into stark perspective.

  • Vietnam's dreams are at last reality

    Joining the dots


    February’s opening of Vietnam’s largest ever container terminal has at last crystallised the country’s true potential in the box handling market.

  • Hutchison's Hong Kong terminals form part of the Singapore listing

    Hutchison aims for top of the list


    New year, new take on port listings. Or that’s what Hutchison Whampoa is banking on with its US$6bn initial public offering for its port assets in Hong Kong and southern China.

  • Dalian's share issue could be poorly timed

    Timing issues


    Dalian, north China''s largest operator, is the latest port to test the murky capital financing markets with a listing on the Shanghai stock exchange.

  • Starting-block.jpg

    Starter's orders


    Is it time to reinvigorate those stalled port expansion plans, or should operators wait for more certain economic statistics?

  • Striking stevedores do nothing for a port’s reputation

    Brave new world


    Surely dockworkers around the world must be getting the message that pressure tactics have had their day... or are they still able to turn a blind eye to the big picture of economic uncertainty and lower priced alternatives?

  • Dover could be the unwitting test bed for a revolution in UK governance

    High society


    The new UK government’s championing of “Big Society” has inspired at least one national port community to think local.