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    2024 promises an interesting cocktail of coverage


    Welcome to 2024 where PS has a lot lined up for you via the magazine, online and various industry meets.

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    Looking back and forward


    It’s that time of year again, when we look back over the past year and look forward.

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    DPW Australia’s annus horribilis


    Strikes, tax avoidance allegations, a cyber-attack and heavy criticism of new terminal access charges - 2023 is shaping up to be an annus horribilis for DP World Australia

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    Digital twins move to take centre stage


    Have you got one? A lot of ports, terminals and other companies active in the supply chain have. 

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    Integrity has its place


    The Black Sea Grain Initiative has folded and the Kremlin has launched a series of missile attacks on the port city of Odessa in Ukraine.

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    Growth Prospects – Technical Advances – See PS on Stand J42 at TOC


    Drewry Maritime Research has provided an updated perspective on Southeast Asia containerport and terminal performance in 2022.

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    Vision - Hurdles - Confidence Needed


    India is in the ascendancy as an alternative manufacturing location to China, but there remains work to be done to build investor confidence. At a micro level, the same point applies in conjunction with South Africa’s Durban Container Terminal – pier 2 – the fundamental issue is will theory go into practice?

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    ‘Holistic’ contracts needed for shipping efficiency, says BIMCO director


    Historical charter party agreements first put in place a century ago are no longer fit for today’s shipping industry

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    Freeports – ‘a genuine Brexit benefit’


    Freeports are a ‘real opportunity to be grasped’

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    Certainty of policy essential for water freight


    The UK government is being urged to set a growth target for water freight

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    Paths to Reducing Serious Maritime Incidents and their Impact


    Recent times have seen a spate of maritime incidents spanning groundings, collisions and, particularly notable, containership and ro-ro vessel fires which, experience shows, are often caused by mis-declared cargo. 

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    Harness the Benefits of the Maritime Single Window


    The day will soon be upon us when a Single Window for data exchange will be mandatory – specifically, 1 January 2024.

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    An era of spending but what is round the corner?


    As our story Port and Terminal Investors Crowd Inmakes clear there is a lot of activity at the moment directed at buying into terminal sector opportunities with much of this coming from shipping lines.

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    Plenty To Think About


    There is no mistaking the fact that ‘Xmas’ is over in the container shipping sector. Lean times are ahead in the majority of world markets compounded by the age-old folly of too much new shipping capacity too soon.

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    Beyond the tipping point, what next?


    So, the tipping point has arrived, and a de-escalation is underway of container freight rates and of severe container congestion.

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    A Bumper Package


    The view appears to be gaining ground that the party is over in container shipping and normal operating conditions are on the way back. This may be true – only time will tell – but for sure there are still significant problems in the supply chain.

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    Essential Reading


    The shipping and ports sectors have in recent years shown a vulnerability to serious hazardous cargo related incidents. The National Cargo Bureau has conducted studies which throw some light on the potential scale of the problem. It has also developed Hazcheck Detect – a cargo screening tool

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    Concessions: Proven Processes have the Best Potential to Deliver


    Government to government ledport concession deals are now surfacing but there is little evidence to suggest this is a proven approach

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    What’s not new and what’s next


    Accurately forecasting the future is always a challenging business. Imagine doing this prior to early 2019 – how wrong would you have been? Who could have imagined COVID-19 or Russia initiating a war in the Ukraine? At an industry level, who could have forecast the phenomenal profits of shipping lines, the mega investment in new tonnage and diverse new business streams. A similar scale of change has been triggered in the bulk agri-products and energy markets. A lot to discuss – hence the timely restart of the Terminal Operations Conference in Rotterdam this month, one welcome return to normality!

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    Food Challenges – IAPH Initiative – Opportunities – Building to a Higher Level


    The recent UNCTAD so-called rapid assessment report on the war in Ukraine highlights concerns over the two fundamental “Fs” of commodity markets – food and fuels.