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  • The African ports sector is working hard to build capacity through promoting environmental management

    Homing in on environmental management


    The African ports sector is working hard to build capacity through promoting environmental management and enhanced performance through education, exchange of knowledge and experience, and collaborative research.

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    Nigerian port project


    The Nigerian president has inaugurated Phase 4 of the country’s $204m Onne Port Complex.

  • From the outset, it was clear that the six year project at Durban was not likely to be a smooth and simple process

    Durban Container Terminal development still on


    Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) says that the plan to lengthen and deepen Durban harbour is still on, despite media reports that it has come under fire from environmental organisations.

  • Beira's coal links are under threat from poor infrastructure, political struggles and climate change

    A ‘window of opportunity’ for Beira


    The port city of Beira holds a good spot as it sits where the Pungue River meets the Indian Ocean, but growth and climate change issues are having an impact, writes Stevie Knight.

  • IBIA calls on South Africa to develop its bunker market

    South African bunkering market


    The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) has called on the South African government to realise the potential of the ship refuelling market to help support regeneration in the industry.

  • Apapa – creating a sustainability blueprint for Africa

    Blueprint for Africa


    Five new eco-friendly rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) will be delivered to APM Terminals Apapa as part of a US$135m terminal upgrade within a month.

  • Port Louis Harbour aerial view

    Port Louis Harbour energy efficiency


    The Island of Mauritius, which is located some 2,000 km off the Eastern coast of Africa, is volcanic and surrounded by more than 150 km of white sandy beaches. It’s adorned by a transparent lagoon which is protected from the open sea by the world''s third largest coral reef. Kailash ...

  • So far, there has been no improvement in the port of Pointe Noire regarding the oil contamination

    Oil pollution at Pointe Noire restricts vessel traffic


    In the past few months, there have been severe pollution problems in the port of Pointe-Noire, in Congo, which means that vessels calling at the port continue to have their hulls contaminated.

  • Watermaster walking into the water without crane assistance

    An answer for South African water issues


    Most of South African river systems are turbid – containing high concentrations of suspended silts and clays – exacerbated by a number of knotty management issues.

  • Lagos’ financial district in Victoria Island needs a new home due to erosion

    Land reclamation benefits in Nigeria


    Positive environmental benefits of a massive land reclamation project will see a ‘new Manhattan’ emerge on Nigeria’s coastline, according to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) produced by marine consultants, Royal Haskoning.

  • Jamaica is ill equipped to deal with oil spills such as Deepwater Horizon Photo: U.S. Coast Guard/Marine Photobank

    Caribbean ill equipped for oil spills


    The Caribbean lacks the resources to tackle a major oil spill – according to delegates attending a recent convention in Jamaica to help tackle the issue.

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    Angola invests in Port of Lobito


    According to the Chairman of the Lobito port company, Anapaz de Jesus Neto, the government of Angola has invested $1,2 billion in the modernisation and expansion of the port.

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    Moving goods efficiently to inland cities


    During the 3rd Annual Africa Ports, Logistics & Supply Chain Conference in Ghana, Reik Mueller, APM Terminals’ Director of Business Development and Infrastructure Investments for the Africa-Middle East Region described a new model for transportation planning and development in West Africa.

  • Durban fish nurseries are making expansion more difficult

    Fishy concerns over Durban expansion


    Transnet’s plans to expand the container berths in Durban Harbour have met with ecological concern because the area is seen to be one of the country’s most important fish nurseries.

  • The LAPSSET corridor project

    Kenya launches Lamu Port project


    Lamu Port for South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor project, located in Mombasa, was officially launched this month by the president of South Sudan, the president of Kenya and the prime minister of Ethiopia.

  • The 3rd Africa Ports, Logistics & Supply Chain Expo presents the business community with the platform to network and help alleviate the problems at African ports.

    Ghana to host Africa Ports Conference


    African ports are faced with serious challenges of productivity, efficiency and sustainability impacting logistics and supply chain performance - the 3rd Africa Ports Conference in Ghana aims to address these issues.

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    Combating maritime pollution in South Africa


    The South African Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa) has installed a sophisticated satellite navigation system that will enable it to monitor vessels that might pollute South African waters. The Long Range Identification and Tracking will be able to track vessels within 1000 nautical miles of South African coastline.

  • President Mutharika assumed that fuel shortages in Malawi were the fault of port congestion in Mozambique

    Malawian fuel shortages due to Mozambican port congestion?


    It seems that the bickering between Mozambique and Malawi isn’t over yet since Malawi’s President Bingu wa Mutharika blamed congested Mozambique ports for fuel shortages in the landlocked country.

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    Port and rail infrastructure in Guinea


    Environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment studies on new port and rail infrastructure in Guinea are about to get underway.

  • Places like Lamu depend on their marine environment. Photo: Karl R Gjertsen.

    Keeping the balance: development and protection in Africa


    While ports are part of the logistics chain with a decisive role in the protection of the marine environment, port expansion or development always raises a balancing problem of priority between environmental and social-economic issues.