For the loading of all types of large sized and heavy-duty goods in the Port of Rostock, Liebherr offers its heavy lift crane to external companies.

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One of the world’s most powerful rail-mounted heavy-duty gantry cranes

The rail mounted heavy lift crane TCC 78000 moves over 420 metres on a portal between the Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH factory site and the adjacent quayside.

Job Report: Monopiles for EEW SPC and Vattenfall

The Liebherr heavy-duty crane TCC 78000 loads 72 monopiles for the largest Danish offshore wind farm “Kriegers Flak”.

The new energy park is expected to generate enough electricity to cover the annual electricity consumption of about 600,000 Danish households.



We heavy-lift your project

For the loading of all types of large sized and heavy-duty goods in the Port of Rostock Liebherr makes its heavy lift crane available to external companies, Liebherr offer you innovative lifting technology and the latest know-how to handle your project efficiently and safely.

    • Designed for travelling with load doe maximum flexibly

    • Powerful heavy-duty crane with maximum load capacity of 1,600 t

    • 24/7 efficient cargo handling by experience Liebherr personnel

    • Gantry: 17m clearance, 30m track gauge

  • Strategically well-placed land and sea connections

Ideal accessibility in the Port of Rostock

From Rostock to the world: Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH, located direct at the Baltic Sea, provides the best logistic conditions for the handling of large goods.

    • No shipping obstacles, locks, bridges etc

    • For ships with a draught of 13 metres, length of 300 metres, a width of 45 metres (special permissions possible)

  • Connection to the hinterland via German rail network and to the A19 and A20 motorways

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