Port Talk – Page 4

  • Single view: Hamburg is focused on improved co-ordination. Credit: Alexander Stielau

    Smartening up to the occasion


    Hamburg Port Authority''s Jens Meier explains how to make data work to improve productivity

  • Search facility: Hyster advises looking out for tough and reliable components that are proven in similar operations

    Come rain or shine


    Hyster''s Chris van de Werdt discusses the challenges of the harsh port operating environment

  • News

    More than just weighing


    TT Club''s Laurence Jones explains that there''s more to twistlock technology than simply weighing

  • Fast flow: The flood waters had to be drained from terminals 1 and 2. Credit: David Lee Photography

    Open the floodgates for greater recognition


    COMMENT: How many people knew, on a dark, dramatic night last December, that the UK’s biggest port was under water, completely paralysed as the sea poured over the lock gates, quays and warehouses were swamped, and engineers were forced to flick the switch on the network of electricity substations, plunging ...

  • News

    Bumping up the agenda


    TT Club''s Laurence Jones examines the effectiveness of crane anti-boom collision technology

  • Yazi Fletcher

    Lighting up future port developments


    Phoenix Products Company''s Yazi Fletcher explains why responsible and efficient use of light increases with LED technology

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    Transnet monopoly holding back South Africa


    Andrew Pike of Velden Pike Nichols Inc asks if South Africa’s port development and efficiency is being hindered by its monopolistic port systems

  • External visitors to a terminal often pose the greatest safety threat. Credit: C. Matheus

    The need for robust safety inductions


    At last, the ‘safety first’ message seems to be getting through, says TT Club''s Laurence Jones. In the past, it might have been a prominent sign placed at the main gate of a facility. Once past the gate though, safety was forgotten; operations always came first.

  • Hard work: Portland's workers are making life difficult for ICTSI

    Worries of US West Coast extremes


    Dockworkers strike at the ICTSI terminal in Portland, while the employers association on the US West Coast says there should be no problems in reaching a new contract agreement this year.

  • Port Metro Vancouver was the first to sign up to Carbon War Room's A to G environmental rating system. Credit: Danielle Bauer

    Reducing the footprint


    Financial incentive schemes are critical in driving fuel efficiency, reducing shippers’ carbon footprints and benefiting shipping’s bottom line, says Carbon War Room''s Peter Boyd

  • Moving workers off the dock has implications for training

    License to operate


    Fredrik Johanson at ABB Crane Systems reminds us that crane operators in container terminals still need training even when intelligent automatic systems are handling a major part of the crane cycle

  • An open system for crane data transfer would put everyone on the same starting base. Credit: Shemsu Hor

    Supporting information free flow


    AssetRight''s Malcolm Youll calls for the creation of a port equipment industry ''standard'' to allow for an open system for data transfer

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    It's time we made safety a priority


    APS Technology''s Allen Thomas asks why aren''t more operators taking safety seriously

  • The question of how to keep operatives safe in an automated yard remains

    Reducing the risk factor


    TT Club''s Laurence Jones explains why automation is one solution to reducing casualties in ports

  • Are ports ready for the operational challenges of handling larger ships, including fire control? Credit: Jennifer Woodard Maderazo

    Facing bigger challenges


    Jorge Martín asks if the operational considerations of handling big ships have been properly considered

  • Richard Hepworth

    Applying the right correction factors


    Trelleborg Marine Systems'' Richard Hepworth explains why accurate rubber compound tests are more important than ever for fender specifications.

  • The industry needs to ensure that personnel are 'fully aware' of new automation and IT technologies

    Both safe and efficient


    Ottonel Popesco, chief executive of the Cavotec engineering group, outlines his vision for ports, where automation and electrification ensure that safety and efficiency are not mutually exclusive

  • "India has faced and continues to face a number of challenges which hold a number of lessons for Africa’s political and business leadership," Gagan Seksaria, ICTSI

    Lessons to learn


    Emerging economies can learn from the investment paths of other ports, as Gagan Seksaria explains

  • Port Strategy

    Letter to the Editor


    Dear Editor, as a specialist fender consultant I am non-aligned and provide support to manufacturers and end users of fenders on a variety of topics which I believe benefit and improve the fender industry, also investigations to identify the diverse causes of fender failures when these become an insurance or ...

  • Is everyone signed up to the green agenda - really?

    The green façade


    Alex Hughes finds that environmentally-friendly features rank low on equipment purchasing considerations