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  • The new addition to Dublin Port’s fleet will play a vital role in meeting the operational needs of Ireland’s largest and busiest port Photo: Goodchild Marine Services

    Green pilot boat for Dublin Port


    A UK boat builder has secured a contract with Dublin Port Company to construct a new 17m pilot boat part of the operator''s plan to clean up its operations.

  • Hyster aims to offer the fuel cell and battery powered container handler with a choice of charging options Photo: Hyster

    Zero-emissions fuel cell container handlers


    Hyster is developing a zero-emissions container handling truck powered by a Nuvera hydrogen fuel cell combined with a lithium-ion battery.

  • The Mangrove vision is both self-sufficient and fully powered by renewable energy Photo: Wärtsilä

    Wärtsilä launches smart port vision


    Wärtsilä has launched an initiative to connect some of the most influential port cities to embrace and develop Smart Marine ecosystems by 2020.

  • DP World is investing in the latest green technology at its UK ports Photo: DP World Southampton

    Hybrid technology for greener operations


    DP World says it will invest in the latest green technology at its UK ports to cut emissions and reduce its carbon footprint.

  • for both shipowners and Port State Control (PSC), the ability to conduct accurate shipboard testing of ballast water samples is essential Photo: CTG

    Consistent ballast testing standards


    Ports across the globe are at the front line of the fight against invasive aquatic species carried in ships’ ballast waters which have had a significant economic impact throughout the world, writes Dr Brian Phillips, managing director, Chelsea Technologies Group

  • Sweetbridge specialises in allowing clients to unlock the value of their own assets without selling them Photo: Sweetbridge/Youtube

    Strengthening port efficiency with blockchain


    While trade through ports is responsible for delivering essential resources to billions of people, a staggering one in five crates are left unaccounted for, leaving behind one major consequence: The environment, writes Mac McGary, president of Sweetbridge

  • LPC has been able to decrease the volume required for the first phase of its deepening by over 40% Photo: LPC

    Dredging project reaps green benefits


    An Australian maritime engineering company has used its innovative dredging technology to help a New Zealand port significantly reduce the volume of dredging needed to upgrade its entrance channel.

  • HullWiper’s eco-friendly hull cleaning service is now available at the Port of Townsville Photo: HullWiper

    HullWiper cleans up shipping in Australia


    HullWiper’s eco-friendly hull cleaning service is now available at the Port of Townsville the first port in Australia to take advantage of the service.

  • The Indian Register claims to have come up with an effective ballast water treatment solution for ports with muddy waters Photo: The Motorship

    Ballast water treatment for muddy water ports


    India has been advocating port-based mobile ballast water treatment since 2013 especially in ports with challenging water quality which can suffer from non-compliance.

  • Port of Koper Konecranes cranes Photo: Konecranes

    Electric RTGs for Koper dock


    The operator of Slovenia’s only port has placed an order for five electric RTGs from Konecranes in order to make operations more efficient.

  • Siwertell ship loading system

    Ship loading system to minimise emissions


    A new triple-enclosed ship loading system for ore handling operations has been designed to enable close to zero dust emissions.

  • FastBallast uses the Single Turnover One Pulse (STOP) method as an accurate methodology for portable ballast water sampling Photo: CTG

    Portable ballast monitoring verification


    Independent benchmark testing on behalf of the Chinese government has identified one method as an accurate methodology for portable ballast water sampling.

  • Kalmar is equipping CTB with ten new next-generation electric and hybrid straddle carriers Photo: Kalmar

    Kalmar secures double green equipment order


    Kalmar has secured two new major deals for green electric equipment in Germany and Poland offering operators increased reliability and productivity.

  • The straddle carrier’s driverless technology features integrated navigation and positioning. Photo: ZPMC

    Efficient hybrid straddle carriers


    A hybrid straddle carrier with an autonomous navigation system is helping improve operational efficiency during its final testing phase.

  • The Port of Coeymans has employed two DustBoss DB-60 atomised mist cannons from BossTek for dust suppression Photo: BossTek

    Mist cannon exercises dust control at US port


    A leader in dust control solutions has helped a port located along the Hudson River control fugitive particle emissions using atomised mist technology.

  • Skoonboxes are planned for trial aboard a diesel-electric inland vessel later this year Photo: Damen

    Sustainable shipping solutions partnership


    Damen Shipyards Group and Skoon Energy have signed a cooperation agreement of understanding for the advancement of energy transition in the shipping industry, including electric propulsion.

  • Fleet Cleaner assisted with cleaning 12 oil-fouled vessels at Rotterdam Photo: Fleet Cleaner

    Fleet Cleaner completes Rotterdam oil cleanup


    After the recent oil spill disaster involving the Bow Jubail in the Port of Rotterdam, one piece of technology was instrumental in helping the authorities clean ship’s hulls which were fouled by heavy fuel oil.

  • Liebherr has a new low-voltage frequency converter system for marine applications called Liduro Marine Photo: Liebherr

    Electric drive promises emissions reduction


    Port equipment manufacturer Liebherr has developed a new low-voltage frequency converter system which promises significant reduction in energy consumption and emissions.

  • Seatools remote monitoring system is being put to the test as part of the first-ever ocean cleanup system Photo: Seatools

    Remote monitoring system for ocean cleaning


    A new remote monitoring system is being put to the test as part of the first-ever ocean cleanup system which will eventually go to work on a large-scale cleaning project in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

  • The Power Drive is currently the most popular option from the Ecolifting portfolio, the Swedish port of Helsingborg has a couple in operation

    Giving customers choice to reduce emissions


    Konecranes has launched an innovative new concept to help its customers save fuel and reduce emissions, GreenPort spoke to Håkan Andersson Konecranes product manager to find out more