DSP is a strong technological business able to offer a full portfolio of products and services to assist container terminals, ports and logistics terminals adopting intelligent solutions and driving the digital transformation.

Two years ago, DSP decided to join Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 believing in the needs to define and adopt standards that will enable the cargo handling industry to embrace the 4th industrial revolution and seamless data exchange.

“Thanks to the team work and joint efforts of the different Task Forces, we will be able to map all the entities useful to our industry with a human-to-human communication approach, since each definition is self-explanatory and clear to everyone”, says Francisco Blanquer, CMA CMG Terminals Senior Manager R&D Assets and Chairman of TIC4.0 Operational Council.

In this context, DATAVIEW the flagship product of DSP that provides real time dashboards and business intelligence reporting for container operations, embraced TIC4.0 mission. “We added to the live KPIs of DATAVIEW a clear description of the data source and their relations based on TIC4.0 standards”, concludes Gabriella Meduri, DSP Senior Project Manager and TIC4.0 Task Force Leader.

DSP is therefore now glad to announce that the data representation of DATAVIEW Talks TIC and proposes a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) model in TIC4.0 language, regardless of the TOS and the other systems to which it is connected.

Marco Fehmer, CEO of DSP “It is a well-known and common issue that not only low-level protocols of communication between equipment components, equipment control and terminal operating systems suffer a lack of standardization, but even common key performance indicators exchanged between the industry have different definitions and source. By using the TIC4.0 standard definitions of entities, each index shown on the live dashboard of DATAVIEW will be transparent in its calculation and easily understood by the port community.”

Boris Wenzel, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Yilport Holding Inc. and Founder & President of TIC4.0 stated: “The Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 initiative aims to bring together representative companies from both the Terminal Operators industry and their suppliers: the Port Equipment Manufacturers & Solutions providers, to collectively work on the elaboration of such standards. We applaud the initiative and efforts of DSP and other TIC4.0 members who have taken the step to adapt and evolve their products to integrate the TIC4.0 standards. It is the mission of TIC4.0 to promote that the terminal industry “talks TIC” as it will bring added value to all stakeholders of the industry.”

Marco Fehmer, CEO of DSP; Gabriella Meduri, DSP Senior Project Manager; Francisco Blanquer, Chairman OPS council TIC4.0; Norbert Klettner, Vice President TIC4.0; Jose Andres Gimenez Maldonado, General Secretary TIC4.0.

DSP, Data and System Planning
Based in Switzerland, founded in 1986 with branches in India, the Netherlands and America. Data and System Planning provides worldwide IT solutions and business operation consultancy taking advantage of its specialised and proven know-how in informatics technologies applied to the shipping industry, port and terminal management and intermodal transportation.

DSP offers to the market a large portfolio of professional services and products to support terminal operations processes and systems. DSP’s expertise cover planning and control optimisation, training, testing, process automation design and integration, reporting and business intelligence, billing and tariff management systems. DSP is a NAVIS partner since 2007 covering all implementation, maintenance and personalisation services.

Terminal Industry Committee 4.0
The Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC4.0) initiative aims to bring together representative companies from both the Ter- minal Operators industry and Port Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers to collectively work on the elaboration of port industry operations and technological standards.