Gemini, the digital twin of DSP TALUMIS in use at CSP Valencia and DP World

Cosco Shipping Ports (Spain) Valencia Terminal is at the side of DSP TALUMIS since the beginning of GEMINI development; a partner who immediately believed in the project and actively cooperate to build the digital twin.

Gemini Predictive Analysis is now in production and supports daily the operations decision making in resource assignments and analysis results.

GEMINI is also used by DP World as an online tool for yard planner training. GEMINI allows the trainees play with a yard in way they could never do in real life replicating two terminal sites of DP World.

GEMINI is a personal platform bespoke on the characteristic of every single terminal organization. GEMINI is a visionary cloud or on-premise application able to mirror decisions, strategies and show workers practice during real operations. GEMINI allows you to: measure, predict, manage and optimize your terminal.

GEMINI combines operational, tactical and strategic optimization through: operational databases (TOS), predictive analysis, simulation, scenario management, emulation, virtual commissioning.