Company Videos - LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH

LaseAYC-2 - Automatic Yard Crane
The application LaseAYC – Automatic Yard Crane is built to ensure a fully automated container handling in ASC stacking yards and supports semi-automatic truck handling in transfer areas. The measurement system consists of two 3D laser scanners from the LASE 3000D-Series. Both 3D-Units are installed at a distance of approximately 2,9 metres on the trolley of an automatic stacking crane in order to measure containers, trailers or AGVs threedimensionally. This measurement system for automated container handling and the operation in ASC yards can be divided into four functions.

LaseBCP - Boom Collision Prevention
The application LaseBCP Boom Collision Prevention is a two-dimensional laser measurement system which observes the area around the boom of quay cranes during gantry travel. In case of detecting an obstacle on the vessel like e.g. bridge, radio antennas etc., a signal is provided to the crane control PLC in order to slow down or stop the crane movement before any collision can occur. The system is built especially for the use at STS vessel operations and prevents significant damages, crane down-times and particularly dangerous accidents.

LaseSPC - Straddle Carrier Positioning Crane
The LaseSPC - Straddle (Carrier) Positioning Crane measurement system is a 2D measurement system consisting of one or two 2D laser scanners mounted on either the water-side or land-side crossbeam.

LaseTDS - Twistlock Detection System & LaseASC - Automatic Stacking Crane
This animation shows a combined application, which consists of the system LaseTDS for accurate twistlock detection in truck lanes and LaseASC for the use in ASC yards to ensure a fully automated stacking of containers.

LaseUCD - Unremoved Cone Detection
The application LaseUCD - Unremoved Cone Detection is a two-dimensional laser measurement system which detects whether container cones (twistlocks) are still connected to the container while being lifted up from a terminal truck chassis by RMG or RTG cranes. In case of the detection of an unremoved cone the application software sends an alarm signal to the PLC in order to stop the crane hoist move. The system is built especially for the use in automated and remote controlled container yards and prevents expensive damages and lethal accidents.